Cawfee, Covfefe? in Thirty-Four

  • July 29, 2019, 1:53 p.m.
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Hey kids, what’s going on over here in PB Land? This week has been a whirlwind yo. Physical Therapy is going well. I’m getting my ass kicked every day (3 days a week). So that’s fun I guess. hahahahaha. ugh. but seriously it’s going well.

They are working on stabilizing me from the ground up. So i’ve been doing squats and lunges and heel raises, clams and reverse clams, bridges, etc.

PT Dude said we were going to do some desensitizing stuff for my foot because I have some numbness still between my big toe and my 2nd toe. It was all the way from my ankle up to my foot before but a lot of it has gone away thankfully. But yeah it’s just a pesky annoyance.

However, I hate when people touch my feet. I will rub Randy’s feet now and again, but it’s not really something that happens on the regular. I just don’t like feet. And with PT Dude having to touch my feet, it’s a little uncomfortable, but I deal with it. I dunno what’s going to happen though because he broke his elbow. he wasn’t there today, so maybe he isn’t going to be working with me anymore. WHO fucking knows haha.

Alright I’m like super hopped up on coffee and adrenaline from my workout this morning. ALSO the working out is going to help me with losing weight and getting more active hopefully. I need to bring my bike/eliptical in the house so I can do some more work. blaaahhhh

So the weekend was great. Friday we were at the swap meet, selling stickers and stuff. Randy’s sticker sponsor offered him a part time job working with him. Freddie (sticker guy) has a building at the swap meet, but we set up a tent on the other side of the swap meet and made almost $100. Freddie only made like $20 so it was awesome. We split the earnings so we walked away with $51. it was pretty awesome.

Saturday Adam (brother in law) had invited us to a party that him and his band friends were having. We went to a party there before. But just missed their set, so this time we showed up early and had some food. Saw the MIL but it was civil. Didn’t talk much, just said hi and a few other words. But yeah nothing to crazy and she left soon after we got there anyway haha.

Had some food, Randy drank a few beers and we smoked copious amounts of weed. It was insane. The amount of weed that was available was crazy. Next time, hopefully we can have some too to put into the community pile. Plus we bought a new pipe Friday night which is awesome. it’s a double perk and it is so smooth! Now we just have to get more weed lol.

Alright well I suppose that is about it. I gotta do more laundry and more dishes so I’m going to get to that now that I have a little bit of energy. THOUGH, i might just play some Path of Exile.

If any of you are on PS4, and play POE let me know, I wanna be able to play with other people, but I only know people that play it on PC. My SN is sephers8403.

Have a good week everyone!

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