Unfinished in Erotica

  • July 22, 2019, 7:15 p.m.
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Laying flat on the bed with her arms tied to her thighs, she felt the cool air from the AC blow across her naked skin. With the blindfold tightly covering her eyes she could only guess at the sounds she could hear as he moved around the room. A zipper from a bag being opened, the rustle and clang of metal and leather toys shifting around. She felt the dip as he crawled across the bed towards her. As he straddled her thighs, she wondered what toys he’d chosen. She jerked when she heard him pull a strip of duct tape off the roll. He finally spoke, but only to say, “my fucktoy needs to be very still and very quiet. Understood?”
She replied with “Yes Sir” and he placed the tape across her mouth. He then hooked two short chains to her collar, pulling them one to each side and attaching them to the wall. She was completely trapped, it was a delicious feeling. His weight on top of her, no where to go but exactly where he put her. His hands gently caressed her breasts, almost tickling it was so light. He lifted the left one and placed a clamp on her nipple. The hot pinch instantly caused a wetness between her thighs. Lifting the right one she expected to feel the tightness of the clamp, instead he leaned down and bit the underside of her breast. She drew in a deep breath through her nose and held it, trying not to arch into his mouth. Moving his mouth up a little bit at a time he nibbled his way up to her nipple. Grazing his teeth along the tip till it was hard. Placing the second clamp on he attached a chain between them. He lifted both breasts up with chain until she started to tremble, they bounced as he let go of the chain. Shifting his weight to reach something beside him he settled himself back on top of her thighs. She waited, knowing he was watching her, anticipating how long she could stay still and quiet. Finally he leaned forward and she felt the cold metal of the knife scrape along her jaw. Slowly moving across her chin to the other side. He drug the tip of the knife down along the underside of her jaw, along to the side of her neck. Pausing there he pressed a bit harder. She could hear his breathing deepen, his excitement at the heady feeling of holding her life in his hands. One wrong move....too much pressure and he would slice her artery open. The powerless feeling made her want to hide, made her want to open her legs and beg him to fuck her forever, to take whatever he needed from her until there was nothing left. She breathed a shaky sigh when he slide the knife down the middle of her chest, the scratching feeling leaving a slight burn in her skin. He circled each breast, trailed it down across her trembling belly and up and down each arm. He lifted himself off her and pushed her legs apart and back. She could feel her own wetness running down onto the bed under her. He trailed the knife up along her left thigh, barely slowing down when he moved across her pussy. The slight scratch across her clit made her jump. That earned her a hard slap on her pussy and a growled reminder of, “Don’t move.”
Running the knife up and down the inside of her right thigh, he pressed harder with each pass. Just before she thought her skin would break he stopped. Pushing her legs further open, she felt something cold slide up and down her pussy. Rubbing her clit and then slipping down to her ass, he teased her with the dildo barely grazing her opening with each pass. As her legs started to tremble from want, he pushed it inside her a little bit at a time. Pushing in and then drawing it out until she thought she would scream. Finally he thrust it in as far as he could and left it there. She heard the wand turn on and knew the teasing had only started. He placed it on her clit and pulled her legs closed. He said, “You’re allowed to move but you’re not allowed to cum until I give you permission, and if you make a sound I’ll stop....and you won’t cum at all tonight.”
She nodded, agreeing.

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