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  • July 22, 2019, 8:55 p.m.
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Hey friends. How are we all today. So back in June, my podiatrist referred me to physical therapy for my ankle to get it strong, etc. Well by the time they called me to schedule, I was running around with my dad and all the shit going on here.

So I finally went and scheduled with them at the office up here by me. I go to the same place for my dentistry and will be going there for my primary Dr starting on the 31st. I figured it would be better to have everything in one place.

I also decided to move to this one because if you remember this entry from last year, there was that whole thing with the PT Dude and AFF. If you don’t remember just read that entry and the subsequent entries after that.

Anywho so I showed up today for my 1st appt and the front desk chick was at lunch so I waited. In she walks with PT Dude right behind her. He kind of looked at me and then did a double take like shit. I kinda did the same thing actually.


Lol. So yeahhhhh. I’ll be working with him again. I went up to the desk when she finally sat down to get like checked in or whatever and she was asking me some questions. I said “I chose to come to THIS location’s closer to me.”. And PT Dude was like oh it’s closer to you.

I dunno he’s still very hard to read but I’m over that whole thing because I don’t even have the option if it presented itself. (Not actively seeking play partners). So yeah it was just like a sock in the gut though. Not a bad one just kinda like done did it now. Haha

I told Randy about it and he just said “awwkkkwaarrddd”. LMFAO thanks dude.

FML. Anywho so there’s that. It’s almost 7pm, it’s raining and I have a large sheagle in my lap. It’s one of those days hah.

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