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  • July 11, 2019, 12:36 a.m.
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Hi folk.

June was fun, Did lots of board gaming like i thought I would. FFXIV shadow bringers came out, Beat the main story within a week, got my healer to 80 tonight. So two weeks, got my 2 priority jobs to 80. Now working on my priority tank.

Thats not what this entry is about though.

Gencon is in three weeks. I should be ZOMG YAY.

I’m not. I’m just meh on it this year. I just went through BGGs Coming soon list, I clicked on “Must have” for 3 things, and one was just a Kickstarter that i may be able to pick up there, and another is a preorder for a clank board. I dont do as much gaming there. I dont know. I have to get my car checked out just for maintenance purposes, and the fact that I hit a forking raccoon the one night, and cracked some plastic underneath it and it was rubbing up against the tire, (I used the force as a temp solution, but I dont know what the heck to do about it)

Its a 6 hour drive by myself, I did it last year, and ill do it, I have the reckoners book 3 to listen to on the way over.

I’m just not hyped this year. Maybe ill get more hyped when i’m there but I honestly do not know. There is no OMG MUST GET game this year. There will be something that will surprise me (like the board game Pipeline I got at origins, which i didn’t even know about until about a week before)

There is the AEG Big game night which ill get like 3 or 4 games for free and ill play a carp ton of games which will be fun, but thats the big event.

There are a few kickstarter games that if I dont go whole hog at gencon I might late back (Middara looks awesome, I like the JRPG feel of it but its like 150 bucks, some Thunderstone quest stuff and Die Macher)

I am just so Bland over this whole convention.

In other news, I had the worst cold the weekend of shadowbringers EA. Now my mom has gotten it. So yeah. And its all like extremely hot here.

I commissioned my one FFXIV friend to draw my character, I got the wire sketch the other day. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I forgot to pay last months water bill. I am a doorknob.

Maybe i’m just bland in general.

Maybe this is just me. Yep. Bland.

Have a good one, probably see y’all in a month.


^..^Kat July 11, 2019

What if you just skipped it this year? Is that an option? It might allow you to feel the excitement next year and save you money.

LordJunon ^..^Kat ⋅ July 11, 2019

Hotel is paid for I got all my things paid for, so id be losing out on a lot of money.

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