At least no one has broke anything this summer... yet in A new start

  • July 3, 2019, 1:24 p.m.
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Last summer right around now was when my youngest broke her arm. That was a very frustrating situation. My kids had went to my mom’s neighbors to play. Those neighbors had a trampoline. That trampoline had a big hole in the jumping surface. Well my kids played on it. My youngest fell off and broke her arm. I felt that since it was their house they should have paid all the dr bills but they didn’t. My mom paid some of it, I paid most of it. They paid very little in all reality. Which pissed me off more than anyone knows it was their fault she broke it. They should have never been on the trampoline. But anyway, that was a year ago and done now. One last appointment this month and it will be completely over. My daughter had to have orthopedic surgery to fix her broken arm. Ruined her summer.

It’s been a month and a half since I got child support. I had to call the child support division and they had to send a letter to the da. Both fathers are supposedly working but I have got nothing. The one changed jobs so that may play a part but I’m not going to let it go. We are fine without it but it sure would help. Especially since we have so much work to do on this house. We are going to start on it this weekend. We need to do something. It’s been nearly a month since we saw the lender. Just over 3 months left.

I’ve thought about going back to work. I need my own money to spend. But then again if the child support gets going again I’ll be good. Once we can sell this house I will be perfect, better than perfect. I just hope it goes as easily. The job thing would be nice as a way to get me out of the house but I want to be with my kids. I also should have puppies come the middle of August and I don’t want to leave them alone. I know the first two litters I ever had did fine. But one was before I had any other dogs and the other was in the bath tub where no other dog could get to them. This time I have 5 adult dogs and I don’t want them in the bath tub. So yeah. If this whelping goes well then my hobby will have a good start. I’m going to get my adults embark tested as long as I can afford to. May have to wait for another litter. I hope to get a more standard size stud and a mini female then I can hopefully have both minis and standards. That is all I need. We have to get moved before I can go full bore but soon.

So three months left and lots of work to do. Hopefully we can get at least $65000 for this place. The more the better but we will deal if thats all we get. Even if we just got $45000 for it we would have the money for closing/down/ whatever house related plus enough to pay off our credit cards/ cars but no extra. I’d like the extra to get some furniture because I plan on throwing this out. Also we would need to fence in the land, I don’t want my dogs getting out. We will see.

My daughter might have kittens about when I have puppies. It will be good for her to experience a birth. I doubt her cat would allow her to be a part of it, cats you know. Maybe she can experience puppies being born, she missed out on them being made. I told her we probably would keep all the kittens because if we move where I want to there will be fields for them to hunt in. She says she wants to give one to our neighbor across the street, I said fine. We don’t really need that many cats. If we have any manx kittens (the dad is a rumpy manx) we will keep that for sure. Although I’d love a stumpy orange kitten. We had one when I was younger and I miss hims. Ahh kittens and puppies will be fun. But expensive.

I know I was talking about needing money and then I talk about things that take money. But we truly are fine right now. We will be fine until at least September, even without child support and with work on the house. I just don’t want to get to that tight of a place again so I want child support again. We will see how it goes. It’s just life.

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