Last Night Before School in In the Meadow

  • June 24, 2019, 8:36 p.m.
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Kayla and Timmy are having exams this week. Tomorrow is their last exam. They have taken U.S. History and Government, English Language Arts, Pre-Calculus, and Spanish. They will take Chemistry tomorrow. They only had one day the past week that they did not have an exam. They were well-prepared before the exams started, and they went to several review sessions. This was good because they only had time for a quick review before each exam.

Aaron’s last day of school is also tomorrow. He has exams but they are during regular class time. He will start having an exam week in high school next year. Tomorrow he will clean out his locker and return his textbooks.

This past weekend we went to the beach. It was a warm day. The water was still cold, though. It takes a while to warm up. Earlier this month we went to the Greek Heritage Festival. We had gyros for dinner. Afterward we got the loukoumades. I always call these honey puffs. There was also Greek dancing in traditional costumes.

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