Schrodinger's cat in Life After 60

  • June 12, 2019, 7:35 a.m.
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The simple explanation for this theory Schrodinger imagined placing a cat into an opaque box along with a device that would release poison if a random subatomic event, like the decay of a radioactive atom, occurred. Because scientists cannot predict when the decay would happen, the only way to know the fate of the cat at any moment is by opening the box. As described by quantum mechanics, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead until it is observed.
That wacky physicist. What was he thinking? I am thinking if you try that experiment today you would end up in jail for animal cruelty. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating cruelty to animals, but we live in a country that places a higher value on animals than unborn humans. But I digress.
My simple mind has enough trouble with the thought of God and Eternity without adding Schrodinger’s Cat into the mix! (actually remembering where I parked my car at Walmart is a challenge.) But it reminds me pretty much of life and death. You are not officially dead until a medical professional pronounces it. And according to some, even then the soul of man lives on forever.
I would suppose Schrodinger’s Cat theory could apply to just about any situation. Especially relationships. The majority of them seem to die slowly, decaying a little bit, day by day until you wake up one day and wonder who is that person you are lying next to? Over time you have become total strangers. While I realize this next statement will not sit well with some, it is still the truth. Some relationships, even God can not restore! And the church isn’t always the place to find the answers to your problems.
Yeah, I know, it would seem that I am going against everything some have been taught on this subject. Why? Because I have lived it. Understand, I do believe that if two people will allow God to work in their relationship it can, with time be restored. But I see too many people that think God or the church is the magic potion. If that were true, why is the divorce rate among Christians the same as others?
Schrodinger’s Cat comes to mind. Our society is slowing decaying, day by day, and the poison is slowly being released. Is the cat alive or dead? You have to open the box to look inside, and some of us are afraid of the truth.

feels like hope June 12, 2019

It reminds me of the old joke about praying to God that you will win the lottery, and eventually He replies ‘you have to buy a ticket’ or something.

Silly, but that’s really the way it is with so many of our prayers. God can give you the strength and patience and support you need, He can give you the tools you need to make it work, but you do have to actually pick up those tools and use them.

Douglas Kinney feels like hope ⋅ June 12, 2019

Yeah, the lottery ticket is a good one. Or one of my fav is a guy gets caught in a flash flood and prays for God to save him. A guy in a boat comes by and say's he will take him to safety. He replies, "No the Lord will provide." A while later another guy comes by and say's he will take him to safety, again the guy says, "No the Lord will provide. Finally a few hours later a third guy comes by and tells the man he will take him to safety. The man once again says, 'No the Lord with provide. Finally, the man drowns. He gets to heaven and asked God why He didn't save him. God looks at him and says, I sent three boats! Sometimes we can't see the miracle for the man, or maybe it's we can't see God using man to perform our miracle?

feels like hope Douglas Kinney ⋅ June 12, 2019

Ha! Yes, that is perfect.

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