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i don’t believe in. perpetuating the idea. that people aren’t self sufficient. back when i had my own apt. you wanted a plate get up and get it your damn self. i’m not going to do it for you. you’re not 2 yrs. old and you’re not sick. you’re capable and got limbs that work. [some
people don’t. and that’s ok.]. but for those that do. no i’m not going to treat them like. they’re not capable ya know? and i feel like when. in a person’s residence they get the plate. for someone they’re not really helping anybody. they’re just. holding that person back to me
anyway. Sure if someone doesn’t want to get a plate right when they arrive. then that’s ok. it’s ok to have time but. in that regard don’t expect me to do things for you. i mean you’re not 80. [well actually some people are.]. my point is.

neither my sister nor i has - have? - kids. but. hypothetical. my sister as a mom: ‘omygod what’s wrong here have some water are you cold?’ me, as a mom: ‘yeah you can come and tell me if somethin’s up. you know where the cups and blankets are.’. again. hypothetical. no my dad actually. as a parent is more how my sister would be. no i’m kindof the ‘you’re going to earn that knowledge’ type. yeah Titus was talkin about that. becoming a fan. but yeah most moms are like that. the way my dad & sister are.

no but fuked up people no we fight to solve our problems. we drink. i mean i. don’t fight but yeah. yeah ya know why i’m so thin? bc i drink. that’s not the only reason but yeah. hey in the 1920’s it was perfectly acceptable. ever heard of cole porter? right exactly. yes. #titus

my mom: ‘yeah, you won’t do that again, will you?’ well i might. but i see her point. my dad: ‘oh i feel so bad for you’. yeah um. not a plant.

chick-fil-a: hey we’re against gay people. and when you come into our eateries we’ll take away your godamn independence by. doing things for you and who doesn’t want that? like um. no hell no. not happenin. no bc i’m proLGBTQ and against. taking away a person’s independence and capabilities. no ya know what yall? no. shouldn’t work that way. i got a problem w/ people like that. i’m bisexual. no i’m not going to hurt you based on that. here’s the thing: sexuality. isn’t contagious. ok. is being straight contagious? see. point made. yeah. exactly. #singit
louder for the people in the back. sexuality. has nothing to do w/ who we are as people. again. sexuality has nothing to do w/. who we are. as people. yeah no. does your eye color or ethnicity? no. oh like we need straight pride parades yeah no we don’t. sorry. no...........we.
don’t. ‘we’ as a society that ‘we’. straight pride parades yeah ok. right yeah. oh i know let’s perpetuate the fact that. by doing things for people. we’re not actually teaching them anything. let’s just not help them move forward ok. good job chick-fil-a. awesome. hey cause ya know what’s a great plan? that.

no but like. when i wake up it’s ‘it is too damn early’ or ‘damnit i have to............’ go to the. you know. or i’m v. defensive when it comes to my alarm clock. i’ll think ‘what? what? bring it. shut up’ and like it can’t. do that itself. it’s funny. like ‘what do you want?’ but i’m never like. ‘i’m so glad i’m still here’ that’s not my first thought. i mean i get it and i have depression. but not my first thought. yeah no not a morning person.

i will help people earn their knowledge ya know? independent. capable. self sufficient that’s my way.

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