Processing in A new start

  • June 5, 2019, 1:19 a.m.
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I am still processing what the lender said the other day. Still processing how I feel about it. I have a packing bug. I want to pack. I want to be moving. But we aren’t. Not for another at least 4 months. I know I could be doing more useful things with my time like prepping the house but why? I have 4 months. I think we aren’t going to do the laminate flooring, I think we will go with carpet. I do prefer carpet but with the monsters laminate would be better for us. I could be getting paint or cleaning walls but meh. I think I may let the girls choose what color we paint their rooms. I don’t want a solid white house inside. Yeah the future buyer may not like it and may want to change it but that is up to them. I guess there is a lot to do really, but I can wait until October. Well except for maybe vacuuming and cleaning carpets. I want them clean in August.

A few years ago I talked to my dr about a tubal reversal. We talked to a specialist and all that stuff but never had the extra funds. Now I’m thinking IVF might be a better option, but more expensive. More likely to be effective. It scares me to think about IVF though. I would be fine with twins but no more. I may change my mind again and be fine with not having more. But if things are going good why not?

I am nervous about spending money. I guess that is why I am putting off things with the house. I need to be reminded, usually by myself, that if spending $5000 will get us twice as much for the house then why not do it? I know we are doing fine money wise. Maintaining $3000 in the checking account is nice and it would go way down with buying everything. But then again… the end game would be better. Be it more down or just more. I mean if we did get $65000 for the house we would be walking away with about $40000. Technically about half that due to paying things off. We could then do the reversal or IVF. I’d love to pocket something just in case. But then I have to keep in mind we probably wont be moving until at least November so if money gets tight it will only be for a short amount of time. I mean tax time and maybe another raise for the hubby.

I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m anxious. I’m ready. I’ve been ready to move every since we moved here. October get here soon.

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