criticized for being fat, fear of heights, real life comparative religions in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

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Every weekend Talan spends the weekend with Scott,Patch and their kids. Instead of arguing with him over his 48 hours disappearances i decided to take advantage of this behavior have a little fun of my own. I worked from 10-5 Saturday and went out for my own adventure.

Saturday i went swimming with Tella, Michael, Tyler, and Trista at the new river. Tella decided use my 1 piece so i ended up wearing my plus size 2 piece polka dot bikini. I thought i looked good but Michael started stuttering at me refusing to make eye contact. He seperated from the group vaped behind a tree. He seemed irritable everyone noticed his discomfort so after 30 minutes in river i took off my bikini and wore a polka dot 1950s pin up dress. He was a lot friendlier after the outfit change.

Michael has always been very careful not to offend and be a gentlemen. Come to find out he was having romantic feelings towards me and due to me being married and his gf Midge being in jail he didn’t want to disrespect anyone involved. He was avoiding me for the fear his little friend would pop up. He appologized to me. I knew i should have wore a dress over it. I felt ashamed and insecure of my body. That bathingsuit may never see the light of day again. Trista Tella and Tyler told me wear it i look amazing. I felt like a fresh water beached whale.

After we got done swimming Tella suggested a picnic. Tyler bought food at gas station after he drove to Horse Creek to get his food stamp card. On the way there i got terrible car sickness. I forced myself to sleep to stop the nausea.

After we got back to Tella’s house we layed a blanket under the stars lit and candle and talked. Police officer drove by 2 or 3 times to realize we were doing no harm. It started getting late so i went home to sleep.

Sunday i took Tella and Michael to the Unitarian Church because Michael’s incarcerated girlfriend Midge has habits Michael thought was crazy. I however know her habits are religious. He said he had nothing to talk to her about so when they decided to discuss Judiasm at the church Michael found out why she wont eat Cheese on her hamburger. Why she wont eat pork. Why she ask for kosher foods. Why she only is allowed to have sex during certain times of the month and doesnt believe in birth control.

Michael and Tella asked several questions. Michael asked if he was allowed to marry Midge when the time comes. Michael got quite upset to discover he would have to convert religions to marry her. Michael was given a pamplet about things her religion in order to help honor her religion even more. Michael thanked me for finding someone to educate him on her beliefs so he can help her honor her spiritual path. I told him if he wants to go to a Jewish church to learn more we would go with him. I like learning about different religions and would view it as a learning experience.

After church we woke Tella’s boyfriend Travis up and we went to Gabriel Brothers to take pictures of everyone dressed up. From there we ate chicken nuggets at Burger King. Tried on bathingsuits and visited the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. There we looked at the museum to learn about coal mining history and industry in West Virginia. I figured it would be nice to make their visit an educational one. They had a lot of fun. We took photographs in an old steam powered train.

At the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Rahall Company Store the elevator is see through and Tella has a fear of heights. Her boyfriend Tyler held her hand while we all got on the elevator. She cried out when it moved. Tella was scared at first to ask to ride the elevator a few more times. I think we healed part of her phobia. Will be climbing mountains way high up her fear of height might stall her a little? I do however believe the clear elevator help her face her fear and only there for know she knows she is safe. We tried to get her to climb up on the kids monkey bars she refused. We played in the park a little and left. One step forward in progress 2 steps back. It was a good learning experience.

Up the road from the Rahall Company store is the pool. It was so hot Tella and i decided to wear out tankini tops with bottoms. Teenagers near by screamed to cover our fat asses up. I told him shut up or i will take off my top jiggle my fat at him. The teenager got ignored when Michael our very small muscular friend found out what the teenager said to his friends Michael chased them off. Both Travis and Michael said we are beautiful the teenagers were just jealous. These men are our friends because they believe in body positivity and lifting people up. I appreciate their attempt but Tella and i are curvy women. Comments will be made.

Talan after a day and a half at Patch and Scotts house came home. I told him all the things we been up to. He listened to decide after we showered to have sex. My husband and i enjoyed our experience for him to fall asleep. I am really grateful i am in a monogamous relationship because i dont have to worry about competition. I try to the best of my ability not to be a jealous type. I however am a jealous type.

Tella and Michael asked me if i have next Sunday off can i bring them to my church. I think that shouldnt be a problem. I told them only come if they desire not because they feel pressured. We have been talking about going to different churches to learn the differences between the faiths. I believe with an open heart we can find empathy about other faith instead judging it primarily by what the media tells us to. I did comparative religion class in college now with my friends in real life we plan to learn together.

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Lunchbox May 27, 2019

I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

Kristi1971 May 31, 2019

I love how you still enjoy learning every day. :) Keep it up! :)

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