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  • May 22, 2019, 11:31 p.m.
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At the Salvation Army i noticed a Dr Who Tardis trashcan for $7. When i went to buy it the guy asked me if i saw the matching tardis light for $7. I have very little knowledge of Dr Who but i thought my husband Talan’s birthday is in September i was thinking of keeping it a suprise but i got to excited. I bought these items went on amazon to compare prices. The Dr Who trash can is worth $60. The Dr Who tardis lamp on walmart is worth $70. My friends said they can’t believe i got it so cheap. I brought it home for Sarah Talan’s coworker dropped him off she got jealous. She told me if i ever find another that price call her.

Today i went to library rented several books and movies. I rented Big Bang Theory, Almost Human, Limitless and the final Season of 2 Broke Girls. I need to figure how to run Talan’s playstation so i can enjoy my show.

I rented a book on Buddhism because my mom since dad died has questions about the life of Buddha and other religious paths. Whatever path interests her i read the book we talk about it. My mom is a Christian but curious about other faiths. if us discussing comparative religions makes her happy i am all about it. Anything to stop her tears. I took a comparative religion class in college but college was so long ago i forgot it. After i watch my movies i am going to rent yoga video next and find information on meditation. maybe Yoga will calm her sadness who knows.

I noticed my favorite thrift shop is interested in hiring a cashier. 40 hours a week at $8.75 an hour. I filled put the application to It’s New To Me but by the time i was going to go there the store was closed i plan to turn that application in tomorrow and out more job applications tomorrow. 10 hours a week at Ollies does not help me pay bills. I would love to have that 40 hour a week job. it would really help with the bills. I am not counting my chickens before they hatch i will hope to get the job and put out other job applications.

Talan came home with 2 ticks on him limping from work. He is a flagger with miserable foot and knee pain after his shower i put cbd muscle rub on his feet and knees in the hope he will feel better. I think the rub started working because he thanked me saying he loved me. He worked at Horse Creek in Naoma. He is in the process of falling to sleep now. He goes back to work at 6 am.

We had dinner together while my mom kept ringing my phone asking me to stay with her. Mom keeps wanting me to leave my husband live with her because she said she is not meant to live alone. I hate being tore between them. I cant make one happy without angering the other. Mom has been so lonely since dad died.

So my friend Tella is going to the beach with her boyfriend while her husband stays home raises their kid. Tella, Justin and her boyfriend Tyler are unemployed collecting checks. Michael who collects a check is going too. They are going 3 days to the beach while i work at Ollies. I cant even afford to go camping or eat for that matter. I hope they have fun but it makes me wonder if unemployment and checks are the way to live. They can afford to go to the beach but ask me to take them to the foodbank tomorrow. their fridge had very little food in it.

While i talked to Kevin at the kitchen table i heard a yelp and Michael’s friend dashed out the door. Champ the puppy slip off the porch holding on by his front paws. Michaels friend saved Champ from falling off the steps over 12 feet to the ground. He carried Champ in we checked him but Champ shivered from panic. The siberian husky mix almost reenacted the death of Mufasa! Tella wasnt home because she was getting Ghost her other dog neutered. Champ the 2 month old puppy isnt allowed out by himself anyone until he learns how to safely climb stairs.

I am going put out more job applications and hope i will find a better job soon. I hope someday to be able to afford to buy a house. soneday i might add up to something.

Deleted user May 22, 2019

875 an hour is a joke... is there a reason you don't try temp agencies that would put you in an office or try to apply directly to office jobs

MyDronedLife May 23, 2019

You won't be able to get that house while with your abusive, leech husband and your mother who manipulates you because she doesn't want to deal with the death of her husband and your "friends" who use you for money. You need to divorce him before he starts using his fists, stop talking to your mom for your own sanity, drop your fake friends, and live on your own taking care of just you.

Lunchbox May 23, 2019

That's an awesome score with the Tardis stuff.

Good luck with turning in applications. Hope you find a better job soon.

Beret May 23, 2019

When you say "beach" where is she going? The ocean? A lake?

mysterymelody Beret ⋅ May 23, 2019

Virginia Beach

Beret mysterymelody ⋅ May 23, 2019

Cool! I used to go there but haven't been in years.

Anaiss May 23, 2019

I don't understand a mother who would encourage her daughter to leave her husband just because the mother is lonely. It's too bad she is putting that kind of guilt trip on you. It's very sad that your dad passed away and that your mom is having a hard time getting through her grief, but you are a married woman and you should be with your husband. I was alone and lonely after my divorce but I would never have dreamed of asking my daughter to leave her husband to come live with me!

Sounds like you got some real bargains with the Dr. Who stuff!

Kristi1971 May 24, 2019

Good deal with the Dr. Who stuff!

As for the rest, hold your head up high. You cannot control how others behave, but you can control how you respond and how you behave. My offer still stands if you'd like to get a resume done. Hang in there.

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