tax money didnt fix cats, going to be a grandma! Maury kitty version in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • May 19, 2019, 5:43 p.m.
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i kept telling Talan Harley Quinn is pregnant and Coal is the father. Talan like any man on Maury denied the existence of the babies. In case you havent figured out we are having kitty drama on this episode of Maury. After weeks giving him evidence that Harley is pregnant Talan denied it. It wasnt until i proved nesting behavior. Her ever expanding stomach. Still said she was just fat. It wasnt until a kitten in Harleys belly kicked Talan than realize Coal isnt shooting blanks like Talan said.

Talan tried to protect Coal by saying he only a year old he is to young to be a father. He tried to blame the fertility on Ziggy. Even though Ziggy was one of Harley’s partners Ziggy got fixed while he was at the Humane Society years ago. No need for DNA Maury we are 100% positive who the father is!

Harley is a grey, black and white striped cat. Coal is Russian Blue with white paws, black smudge on his nose both have yellow eyes. I have no idea how much longer Harley has to be a mother but 1 thing is for certain she is as wide as she is tall.

I told Talan take tax money either fix the cats or the house. He decided his eye glasses, videogames, and work boots were more important. The house is falling apart the cats are going have kittens but hey Grandpa Talan has his videogames! I told him months ago to fix them. My mom even gave us money to fix her years ago.Talan wanted a couch instead a fixed cat. I keep reminding grandpa Talan about i wonder how many grandchildren he will have. He said he wants to punish Coal for getting Harley pregnant. Why punish them for following their instincts? Leave them alone.

After Harley delivers her babies Talan decided it is now important to get them fix. Any day now i will see what Coal and Harleys kittens look like.

Thanks again Humane Society for fixing my Ziggy. :) Before anyone complains why didnt we fix them before? We dont have enough money to feed ourselves or pay bills. My 10 hours of work a week isnt enough to afford to get both cats fixed. It isnt even though to get money for enough gas to make it to work. We are flat broke!

Job applications are in order. I am going to be a grandma i need a better job to afford more cat food! 32 years old grandma to a cats :). Adorable. I cant wait to see them.

Deleted user May 19, 2019

How is he going to punish an animal if he does anything to hurt an animal he's going to get his ass beat

mysterymelody Deleted user ⋅ May 19, 2019

He just ranting. he loves the cats as much as i do.

Deleted user mysterymelody ⋅ May 19, 2019

Okay good

Kai May 19, 2019

Check the shelters for a low income spay/neuter program. I know where I live they have it and I think it’s like $20 here if you qualify.

Kristi1971 Kai ⋅ May 24, 2019

yes, ^^ this!! Most shelters want animals fixed rather than bringing more animals into the world that could become strays.

Kristi1971 May 24, 2019

Good for you on the job applications! Are you researching the employers in your area that also provide benefits? Do you have a local hospital? Town office? School? You mentioned in another entry that you have a degree or degrees...that will qualify you for lots of things. Hugs. You can do this! Also, if you get a resume together, I don't mind looking it go, Girl!

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