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After Talan kept me up late i really wanted to sleep. My cats woke me up early. I fed them washed clothes hung them up to dry and attempted to nap. While my husband napped i got a text message from my mom demanding me to reactivate my phone if the phone wasnt activated i lived in peace just a while more. Her harassment continued i turned on the phone hoping i would get a break.

As soon as i turned on the phone mom demanded to know why Talan wasnt at work. She called him a piece of shit i should move out and live with her. My husband lost his temper i muted the phone when he called her a bitch and to mind her own business. He didnt go to work so he can see his friend 1 more time before he goes into the military. As soon as she gets off the phone he cusses me out. I sit here thinking yup this hell is my life my mother and husband talking shit and me being stuck in middle.

After him screaming what a piece of shit my friends and family is he went up the road to visit his friends. I layed down trying to sleep. Mom continue to cry on the phone i can nap at her house. She is so lonely how she wants to die and misses dad. This is her 3rd week of mental holiday. She visit psychiatrists on a weekly basis while she continues to drive me and my brother insane!

My mother lied about the nap. She told me to enertain her. I sat exhausted popping energy drinks trying to fucking make her happy. A bad storm rolled in i told my mom after several hours i needed to go home close the window on the mobile home she said she would help too. I sighed with irritation waited on her to get ready.

Mom complained my home was messy smelled bad. I reminded her i am always at her damn house i have no time to clean my own. While she watch Cuckoo i took a trash bag started cleaning she said i should come clean her house. She grew irritated when i looked my mother in the eye to tell her you are fucking grown clean your own damn house. Due to dad dying she wants everyone to serve her. I reminded her testing my patience might get her cussed out.

I bought her dinner at Windys she watched the tv show Cuckoo while i did laundry collected dishes she was in a good mood she got the attention she wanted help me clean my livingroom. She stayed there till after midnight decided she wanted to go home.

I was really hoping i might get some sleep tonight. Nope didnt happen! On way home mom talked about wanted to kill herself. I suggested her see a psychiatrists again.

The storm rolled on we got to the hill right before her turn off we got stuck in traffic. someone hit the embankment flipped their car and died. Mom was worried it was my brother Tommy. Tommy drives a truck not a car. My husband drives a car. I told my mom i was worried Talan might been in the wreck she said who cares if he dies i can move in with her. I told her if she is ever that heartless about my husband ever again i was slap her hard across the face. that is her son in law quit being a heartless asshole. No sound of sirens only people blocking traffic with flashing lights they only remain silent if the person is dead they know the person cannot be saved. They cut the poor soul out of his flipped over car. Mom chatted away while i grieved for the strangers family.

I got her home after 1 am she chatted away refusing to leave my car. I reminded i got to work at noon. She said that is what energy drinks are for i am fine. Her chatting rolled on till early hours she tried convince me spend night at her house. She complained loudly i should have never moved away. Dad chased me off with a loaded hand gun years ago excuse me for excaping a man messed up on his medicine. Dr fixed his medicine and even though i tried to my friends with my father before he died i trusted him very little. I found out i have an unconditional love for him we became friends once more before his death from a heart attack. I felt so hurt when he cried i layed over his body sobbed for God to bring him back. God had other plans. Damn we became friends once more for him to pass away. I felt so betrayed i wanted the father back i knew from my childhood but i couldnt.

My husband came home after 1:30 am bringing groceries home complaining how he saw my brother and sister in law wanting to cuss them out. He was suprised i cleaned the mobile home with mom. He complained he didnt want her here. I told him her name is on the title dumbass! Mom and i both own the mobile home i cant kick her out to convience my husband. I told him quit bitching she help me clean.

Mom was happy watch Cuckoo helping me do puzzles and cleaning. She was just happy being around. Happy for her is a rare existence i mean damn first time in months she was happy. I didnt hear her for hours mention she wanted to die. She thanked me for dinner saying she wanted to see more of Cuckoo asking me what other tv show she can watch on Netflix.

Coal my cat woke me up playing with condoms. Coal was upset but due to condoms being my birthcontrol of course i took them away! Sorry kitty one pop of the claw you could arrange a brother or sister. I cant afford to feed a kid!

May 18th i work 12-5. Mom is still asleep. I am going to go to church for food donations. My husband only brough enough food home for a few meals. I need to rush before work to get our food. my 10 hour paychecks isnt helping us get by.

i am so damn tired. I just keep going. Mom wants me to come by after work. Talan wants me home cleaning when will my zombie ass rest!?

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