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  • May 17, 2019, 6:51 a.m.
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I try not to be the jealous type. Most of the time it doesnt bother me but when my Aunt Diane said she was going to the beach for just a couple of days i felt a bit of jealously. My Aunt is a hard worker she earned her vacation no lie. i wish i could afford a vacation. Most of the time my husband and i are struggling to even pay the bills and eat.

My wedding was outside in a tent at Octoberfest. My mother in law bought cake. Talan and i paid for wedding licence the minister was supplied by Octoberfest. Our wedding night wasnt being swept off to an exciting vacation destination or a long night of sex. It was him going to the couch me going to bed. We got up the next day both of us got up early in the morning for work. So romantic right? i couldn’t even properly afford to feed my dozen guests. I felt like a failure but hey we made it work.

We been dating since November 2013. Got married October 2018. We have never went on vacation. We always talked about it we collect the money for another bill to take our mad money. I decided vacations only happen for lucky people not us.

Yesterday i visited my friend Tella at the hospital. She passed out hit her head at doctors appointment dr hospitalised her. I brushed out her hair while we talked about our misadventures of our life. She talked about how her and her boyfriend are doing. Everytime her electrolytes drop she gets the shakes and passes out. I am worried for her but like the doctors i have no idea why she does that. I miss my running around buddy i hope she gets better.

I went thrift shop shopping at It’s New To Me i fell in love with a flower dress and a beaded necklace. I paid $12 for it. I bought that dress to replace one of the many dresses i tore up. Considering i always buy my clothes used and for cheap i cant be to let down. I went shopping with my mom and Aunt Diane to point out my polka dot dress has tiny holes in it. This is my favorite dress i have had it 3 or 4 years. i bought it from a facebook yard sale page years ago i have no idea its true age. I have been looking for this dresses polka dot replacement still no luck! I might look on Amazon because so far no polka dot dress can replace my pin up classic.

When i visited mom i confessed i want to buy a roll out sheet of flowers to put in my flower boxes. I love how all you need is clean the boxes lay down this fabric water it flowers pop up with little to no effort. My mom bought me it wishing me luck. i have a hard time keeping plants alive. Unless its a weed i usually kill a plant. My father RIP had the green thumb not me! His plants always thrived i was just glad if mine lived at all.

Mom is still on medical leave because of grief and psychological breakdown. Since dad died she has been listening to ministers on YouTube and meditation videos. They seem to be helping her some. She bought herself a new couch to replace the one dad died on. She refused to throw dad’s couch away it stays on the fenced in porch she often sits there petting Bear her German Shepherd/Collie mix dog. I wont force her to get rid of the couch. Dad died on it so it is the last thing they have together. She will do something with it when she is ready.

Did i mention my cats are assholes? Not only did they wake me up at 4 am to feed them but they have destroyed all my shades! The feline terrorist destroy anything that inconvienced them. My friends know i collect dolls they get annoyed they are in boxes. Until i find a glass case for my dolls they will stay in boxes because my cats like testing gravity with expensive things i value the most. My cats are cute but are demolition services with fur!

After i got done trying to visit Tella i tried to romance my husband. Sadly he ate beans before my romantic attempt. I offered him a good time but after his burping, gassy farting and blowing snot across the room i felt very turned off. I cause myself crying on the inside thinking this man is definitely no Fifty Shades of Grey. I took one for the team even though i was dry from disgust. I caught myself thinking i need to buy more paranormal romance novels because romance is dead in this household! Everyone ask why dont i have kids at 32 years old. This lack on inspiration makes me decide it is better to feed cats than make tiny Talan clones. I might visit the library find me a book today. Only romance i will find is in the fictional section!

Ollies gave me 10 hours next week. I feel so robbed. I deserve better. Time to put out more job applications. I hope i find a good paying job.

Oh lord Talan the murderer of romance wants to have sex again. Am i bad to want to throw beano in his mouth? It is days like this i wonder if all women tolerate shit like this. Am i the exception. I hope Pumba and his fart cloud stays in the next room. I am going to bed!

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Deleted user May 17, 2019

No people don't put up with this and that's disgusting Behavior

FitLadyDi May 17, 2019

You shouldn't "take one for the team" by having sex when you don't want to. There's a word for that, you know. I doubt there is any "team" of women who would ask or expect that of you, married or not.

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