Day 019 in 365 Challenge

  • May 11, 2019, 8:32 p.m.
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The only thing I can eat right now without puking. Which is weird.

Andrew makes this for dinner sometimes. Its frozen steamable corn that he tosses actual butter into, along with sea salt.

Now, I have a raging case of bronchitis that has made me puke up everything for the past two days.

And I have been MASSIVELY craving this for a couple days as well.

So, I said, “Fuck it, I want it”, and wow! Haven’t puked it up. So. Guess this is my diet for a couple days.

alt text

Pinki May 11, 2019

That corn looks so good!

I feel so bad for you girl :(

Nin May 13, 2019

As long as it stays down and makes you happy, yes?

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