Suicidal mom, slave for 2 houses, need a break in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • May 9, 2019, 12:16 a.m.
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My mom brought my Aunt Becky over to mom’s house. I was painting chairs happy to be visiting mom to get lectured from Aunt Becky i should clean moms house. I told my Aunt Becky i cant even find time to clean my own damn house because between work. My psychotic friends meltdowns and my mom screaming and crying she going to kill herself i cant get a damn break. There is only so many hours in a day.

My husband stays up almost all night playing videogames. He gets less than 4 hours of sleep to drag me out of bed to help him get ready. He often complains about why doesnt he have clean clothes i need to stay there do his laundry. I try to take care of anyone. Sadly i dont even have time to clean my own house.

While i try to find time to do laundry after he goes to work Amanda rings me over 5o times demanding me moms phone number. I told her no the bitch continuously rang me, cussed my friend Tella out while her son was having emergency surgery. I told Tella block Amanda. She called my sister in law Lesa demanding moms phone number. Lesa realize Amanda was being maniac and told her no. Amanda biggest mistake was cussing Lesa. Lesa offered to beat Amanda’s ass. Amanda didnt get her way. Amanda is furious but with my stress level i cant handle her meltdowns. I blocked her on facebook and my phone to find a moments peace till mom called crying.

I told mom i didnt have the money for gas she rang my phone off the hook till i went over there. Now i dont have gas money to make it till payday but hey she is happy right?

I wanted a day off to clean my house do job applications i wasnt given a moments peace till i blocked Amanda and spent the afternoon at moms. I looked down at my job applications i didnt complete and cried. It has been hard since dad died but everyone wants me to be everything to everyone. I am a failure i dont have money for rent or gas but hey at least mom is happy!

I hope mom gets to go back to work soon. She had a psychological breakdown and was given a week off. During this week she has been driving me crazy. Guilting me dad died i should care for her. I cant even afford to care for myself but here i am burning the candle at both ends trying to make everyone happy.

When dad died i was expected to be on my best behavior and serve mom. I am bitched at if i try to get a moment of peace because mom’s husband died.. Amazing how everyone forgets he is my dad and i am going through hell myself.

My house is messy. I cant afford repairs. I do what i can.forget the rest another day and cry in silence. I am expected to be the strong one. Help Talan get ready every morning. Pay bills on a 10-20 hour paycheck which is damn near possible. I sometimes go to bed hungry promising myself tomorrow will be better. I often lay in bed thinking what if it doesnt get better.. What then?

A Pedestrian Wandering May 09, 2019

I hope today is a drama free day for you. In fact, I suggest an experiment, turn off your phone for one day and see if they are all still alive tomorrow. Take one day for yourself and enjoy it. Clean if you want, fill out applications, or whatever. Even God rested after the seventh day! Anyway, you deserve a break.

lessoff May 09, 2019

random noter: seems like you need to tell these people to stop. you are not responsible for your mother, you have your own family to care for. also don't give away your last few dollars, who is there to help you out?

MyDronedLife May 09, 2019

You are the one doing this to yourself. You need to take care of JUST YOU for once in your life. Me and many others have said so. You need to listen. It doesn't make you a shitty friend, daughter, or person to take care of just yourself. You need to leave your loser of a husband and you need to move away from all of them to take care of you. You are NOT married to your mother. She needs to take care of herself. You are NOT your friends' bank account. You need to STOP giving your lazy as fuck fake ass friends your hard earned money. You are NOT your husband's slave. You need to stop doing shit for his fat lazy ass and get an annulment. Then you need to leave away from the city. You will live in stress, depression, and poverty as long as you stay taking care of others who just use and abuse you.

Pockets MyDronedLife ⋅ May 10, 2019

This! ^^

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