Redoing chairs,DVP drama,job applications in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • May 8, 2019, 5:08 a.m.
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In my late teenage years or early twenties dad pulled some cast iron chairs out of some dumpsters. He promise me someday he would help me fix them for my home. Dad died in December when i was 31 these chairs have been in storage for over 10 years untouched. Today i decided even though dad was only there in spirit i began our adventure to begin the beginning steps of finishing our project together. These silly little diy projects give me comfort helps me feel in a way he is still alive in my projects that i complete i always think of him.

I went into the basement got some of his textured stone spray. I coated the chairs to discover it didnt cover over the original cast iron color so i took a paint called forged metal the sprayed it a beautiful silver. The textured paints made the chairs look like they were made of stone. I coated several layers delighted.

My mom sat in the swing and talked to me while i did my project. She was delighted to see someone using dads paints, tools and garage again. She disappeared in the garage to cry i hugged her. I left because i heard her talking to dad’s spirit i figured she needed some peace. She talked about her missing him so much. Mom has been off several days from work due to grief the doctor suggested her to relax some. The doctor decides tomorrow whether her psychological vacation continues. I told her do what is best for her forget everyone else.

I tried to talk her into going to Sams Club with me and get some frozen yogurt while my chairs dry. I had no idea my Aunt Becky and cousin Taryn was coming over. While mom and Becky talked in Becky’s car i caught myself wishing my chairs were done so we had a nice place to sit down. I brought out 2 large dog beds mom bought from inside the house. They are brand new we use them to sit on to watch movies. Bear has his personal dog bed and the rest of the family has ours.

Taryn thought it was strange i brought out a brand new dog bed till she layed down on it on the front porch. I giggled at Taryn when she said this is really comfy. She said she wants some for her bedroom. I told her They are more comfortable than Bean bag chairs and cheaper too. I want to buy some of these for my house!

Due to my cousin Jordyn have to get a dvp on her abusive boyfriend she cant go anywhere without personal protection. My Aunt Becky asked me to go to the mall with Taryn and Jordyn. Jordyn and Taryn was buying their mom a Mothers Day present. While we were walking i notice Jordyn duck behind me in fear. I asked her what was wrong her ex bfs mom and aunt was there threatening her. I told Jordyn its a shame i am going go to jail for beating the hell out of 2 bitches who i dont even know their name for fucking with my cousin. The women heard me and ran. Jordyn asked me how i knew to do that. I told her act crazier than them people will usually back down. Both women ran away. Jordyn smiled at me while my cousin Taryn gave me a dirty look. I didnt make it to 32 years of age without backing people down. Jordyn 1.. Crazy ex bf family 0.

I got to figure out what to get my mom for Mothers Day. I have no idea what she wants. The next time i go over to mom’s house i will ask her. It will be soon because i need to reupholster those chairs i still need to buy padding, fabric, and weather proofing spray to put on fabric. I am currently watching youtube videos to teach myself correct way to upholster chairs. Thank God for youtube it teaches me a lot about my projects.

After writing this entry i plan to put out more job applications. I work 12-5 tomorrow. I might visit a library before work to see if they have any library books about redoing chairs.

I have silver textured rock paint on these chairs. I got to figure out what type of fabric to get. Once these chairs are done i plan to put them on my back porch. I always wanted a patio. One project at a time i will accomplish it.

I hope my husband doesnt stay up all night playing video games. If i am lucky i will get some sleep tonight before i got to get him up at 5:30 am.

Today my best friend Amanda demanded my moms number i ignored her.she got furious i refuse to give my moms number out so today she rang me 50 times i muted her on facebook. When she didnt get her way she threaten to beat my friend Tella. Tella was upset because her son had emergency dental surgery. Mandy cussing Tella out put her son in distress i told tella block her on social media. Mandy demanded moms number my sister in law Lesa told her no. We are trying to stop Mandy from harassing the shit out of my grieving mother. Just because Mandy is going through a manic episode does not mean she is allowed to act out. Mom deserves peace. I will do the best i can to protect her.

Sorry my entry isnt glamorous i am a poor girl just trying to get by.

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