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  • May 2, 2019, 11:36 p.m.
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Yesterday i debated if jailtime was worth it. I had to pay for my brothers drivers liscence at dmv because he conveniently lost the money mom gave him. I paid for him to eat drove him around all day i got paid nothing for this. He came home to ask mom for money for gas to take moms truck and Lesa’s cigarettes. Mom asked Tom to fix her clock Lesa called demanding mom to buy her cigarettes or she going to beat my moms ass. My mom is 67 a grieving widow if Lesa jumped my mom either i would beat her ass or she would have got shot by my moms 22. Between me and mom we gave them over $120 in less than 12 hours. Lesa wants to act like a crazy bitch? She hasnt seen crazy yet. It going be crazy when her loud mouth makes her homeless.

Mom reminded them they are paying no rent, she buys their food, hands them money constantly without Tom paying her back. She asked them to mow her grass for her. They are to busy.They live on her property rent free while mom pays their bills they treat her like shit. Tom said Lesa had a bad day sitting on her ass without a job. We should let her vent. I asked him if he will like being homeless because his bitch cant keep her mouth off mom. I will pack him up myself. No one will abuse my mother as long as i have a pulse.

Today mom asked me to buy her a chili from Windys and bring it to her. I told her i found a Dollar Tree Buddha. Mom had a Buddha as a graduation present from highschool in the 70s. Her little sister Becky always cried my mom was suffocating Buddha by putting him in the box. My Aunt Becky ran away with my moms Buddha in the late 1970s. She still hides it from my mom saying mom will never hurt Buddha again. My mom thought of that memory and laughed asked me to bring Buddha home. My mom isnt a practicing Buddhist. She just likes to continue the lifelong gag of keeping Buddha away from my Aunt Becky. I still laugh at them over their competition.

Today at Dollar General i caught Yoga pants and shorts on sale $1 a piece. I found 2 pairs of sneakers $1 a piece there as well. I found 2 tank tops at the Dollar Tree $1 a piece. Grand total for 2 outfits counting shoes was $6. I found a matching hairband and glasses $1 a piece as well. When i go on shopping sprees i shop on cheap.

Today i bought a jump rope for $1 at Dollar Tree and a sticky catch game which is velcro ball and mitts for $4 at Dollar General. I am trying to buy cheap athletic supplies and squirt gun this summer as fun cheap activities to do with my friends and family. I might borrow my brothers bat, mitts and equipment so we can play baseball. Just because we are poor doesnt mean we cant have fun. I refuse to get in debt for my enertainment.

My friend Tella called me today to tell me she bought a skirt for $3. 2 shirts for $1 a piece and some skill leggings for $1. She said she loves i taught her to shop on sales. Considering she is plus size for her to get clothes that cheap is impressive. I told her what a fabulous job Tella did and i am proud of her. I often take Tella to the flea market with me for sales. She often goes to free exercise classes last time i checked she lost 15 pounds i am proud!

God i am tired i was supposed to be doing a stand up paddle board class at Lake Stephens i got in my bathingsuit felt exhausted layed down and napped. I love free exercise classes but i love naps more. What can i say i am lazy?

Mom tried to get me to sleep again tonight at her couch that my father died on. I quickly made an excuse and left. Until she gets a new couch for me to crash on i am not sleeping over. The couch reminds of dads death makes me cry.. No thanks.

My mom wants me to teach her how to shop on cheap the way i do. Tomorrow a great time to do it. Tomorrow is 1/2 off Dollar General sale and my favorite thrift shop has a sale. I got to remind myself i am poor! I better start acting more my wage..

Beret May 03, 2019

Do you realize that you do NOT have to pay for anything regarding other people, i.e., your brother's license. Why would you do that? You have your own financial difficulties.

mysterymelody Beret ⋅ May 03, 2019

If i didn't pay mom made me drive him around another day. She refuses to drive herself that is what me and tom are for. Since dad died she wants us to serve her or she threatens to leave us homeless

Anaiss mysterymelody ⋅ May 03, 2019

Beret is right. And, you are a grown woman. Nobody can "make" you do anything unless you allow it. As long as you let her or anyone else hold things over your head, like threatening to leave you homeless, nothing will change. Call her bluff. You will survive just fine, you are amazing and strong.

Boringscreenname Anaiss ⋅ May 04, 2019

The other noters are completely right. Call your mom's bluff. Until she gets called out on it and you stop responding to her and letting her control and manipulate you nothing is going go change.

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