Death couch, depression, family abuse in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • May 2, 2019, 2:47 a.m.
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Does anyone know what it is like to try to sleep on the couch that your father died on? I am discovering it tonight. I am laying on the couch crying all night while my mom sleeps. She has questions how my father died making me feel like shit!

I dont want to be here but mom guilted me into staying. She is on medical leave due to depression. She has a week off to visit a psychologist. Earlier today she described the last moments of dads life and i cried in Burger King She has been making me feel like shit but i never saw his death coming.

Dad had a heart attack and died on the very couch i am laying on. I been crying in hysterics while mom sleeps. I want to go home but i know she needs me. This trip down memory lane is not good for my mental health.

My truck keeps losing oil pressure and shutting down in traffic for months one mechanic after another and over $5,000 this piece of shit Sonoma isnt fix. I cant afford to fix it. I am debating on risking the drive to sleep in my own bed far away from the death couch.

My brother lost money mom gave him took $40.50 from me to pay for his drivers liscence in return refuse to pay. I make $150-200 every 2 weeks! I wanted to pay for a dish washer now i cant because my brother Tom is an asshole. I cried more when he demanded me pay for his wifes cigarettes i refused. Lesa threaten to beat my mom said open her moldy wallet or she going kick her ass on the phone. Wtf! Mom gave them an apartment to live in and my sister in law Lesa threaten to beat my mother because the bitch is having a nicotine fit? Mom gave Tom money i asked mom if i threaten her life will she give me money too? My mom gave me a dirty look when i told her dont reward Lesa’s bad behavior! If Lesa or Tom ever hurt my mom i will press charges. I dont know what i will do to them until the police get here. Mom is grieving the death of her husband she doesnt need Lesa behaving like a child.

I am here because mom admits she is on suicide watch. Laying here on the couch where my father died on isnt good for my health. I want to go home. Mom keeps dragging me down the rabbit hole of depression. She isnt Alice drinking magic potions wont help.. Idk what to do.

I might risk driving my truck home. I cant sleep where my dad died. I keep having terrifying images in my head. I wont sleep tonight if i dont escape from the object that makes of me think of dad death.. Fuck that couch! I cant wait to replace it. I plan to run away home to my bed. I might sleep 1 hour before getting Talan up. I know he wont let me sleep till he goes to work.. Goody for sleep deprivation.

Last updated May 02, 2019

toddslife May 02, 2019

so sorry

A Pedestrian Wandering May 02, 2019

Just curious, does your mom ever come visit you at your house?

mysterymelody A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ May 02, 2019

I always visit her because my brother always uses her truck.

A Pedestrian Wandering mysterymelody ⋅ May 02, 2019

I know you love your mom but it seems like you could use a break from your family for a while. Did you decide to go home after all?

mysterymelody A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ May 03, 2019

I left at 3:30 am which hurt her feelings. Got my husband up at 5 am to get him ready. Thank God for daytime naps!

Kristi1971 May 03, 2019

Big Hugs, Dear. Sometimes life is just so hard.

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