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  • April 30, 2019, 9:47 a.m.
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Tella and i often argued because i told her she doesnt watch her dog enough. I told her just releasing him in yard and staying in house wasnt a good idea. I told her she needs to always watch her dog when he is outside. Well last night i got a call Tella screaming in hysterics after i calmed her down she said Ghost bit a neighbor child after he got out of the fence. The child is getting rabies shots and stitches. The child’s mother asked her to put Ghost down.

Tella screamed why wasnt the mother with the child. I turned around and said why wasnt the damn dog being supervised by someone in the first place? She got upset at me saying i dont understand i have cats! Guess what my cats dont go outside and are never unsupervised around other people. I chose not to have a dog because of the risk a dog biting a kid. I told Tella she better find money to pay the kids medical bill, money to put her dog down and a possible lawsuit that she will more than likely lose.

My mom has had her dog Bear since 2011. He is never let outside alone. He is always walked on a chain and lives inside with mom. He has a fenced in porch he stays in even then he only allowed out there unless we are in the yard doing supervision. When people visit which is rarely they know never attempt to pet the dog. I keep people in the car until he is safely put up.

Tella complained our family is to territorial of him we should let Bear roam like her Ghost. I reminded her he is an animal. If anyone does not listen to our commands about rules with Bear they are never allowed back on property. We take an active role to protect people to the best of our ability. Tella said she wanted to pet Bear i say never. We protect our dog to protect others. We know Bear but we are still not taking the risk he gets excited easily. A dog is still a dog. Now Tella knows why Bear is protected so much. I refuse to let moms best friend be put to sleep because a foolish decision by the dog. Mom already lost dad in December i dont think she would live through putting Bear down.

A dog biting a kid could happen to anyone. It is a great risk to have a dog. No matter how trained even an animal gets fed up being treated by humans poorly and tries to protect theirselves.

So i currently dont have my truck. Talan took it to Virginia to get a sticker. I told him i bet $50 it wouldn’t pass. He is in Virginia waiting on the exhaust system, steering pump and they are fixing tie down to the battery. I am grateful for the mechanic doing the repairs since dad died i been trying to fix it but my skills are not good enough. I did what i could but honestly it needed a mechanic. The truck is from 1995. I think it is doing good to even run. I thank God every day i get to drive it. Some people want new cars i just want mine to keep going. When it gets back i need to get the oil changed.

When i get the truck back i plan to go to moms and paint some cast iron chairs and build padded seats for these chairs. I plan to use weather proof fabric on the cushions. My husband is so heavy he can break plastic chairs within a short time of sitting in them. Years ago dad’s friend gave me these chairs. Dad and i always swore we were going to fix these chairs. This week i plan to complete this on my to do list. I plan to put the 4 chairs on my porch. Next got to figure out a table.

I got 10 hours to work this week at Ollies. My husband wanted me to call in let someone else take my shift go with him. I refused. I might not get paid much but it is my paycheck. Earning anything means a lot to me. I might only pay for groceries and catfood/litter instead all the bills but that gives me purpose! Let me be!

Talan might be home later on tonight. I might go on a long walk to Mcdonalds to get food. I wish i had my bike from moms. During days like this when i dont have my vehicle a bike would make the trip so much faster. I been meaning to start bicycling to lose weight anyway. I think i need to buy new tires, oil the chain maybe replace the break. It has been sitting in the storage building for years. Just this year have i started exercising.

I am going to shower and start on my walk. I think i am going buy some paint to paint a lawn ornament. My gargoyle that says unwelcomed needs to repainted and put outside. It needs glued because i told it cracked. As you can tell i enjoy painting and doing craft projects.

I need to quit rambeling and get ready to do anything on this beautiful day. I might weed out my flower boxes if i am not to tired.

KandiJo April 30, 2019

It sounds like she didn't learn any lesson from this horrible situation! She is 100% at fault that someone's child was injured and that the dog will need to be put down.

Beret April 30, 2019

Agree with the above. And why is the child getting rabies shots? Has Tella never got her dog vaccinated for rabies? That's a basic responsibility of owning a dog. If the child is getting rabies shots then that means Tella ignored that responsibility as well. Awful.

mysterymelody Beret ⋅ April 30, 2019

The dog is vaccinated. The mom of the child got the shots immediately taking the child to the hospital. She didnt ask if Ghost was immunized or not until after they got out the hospital.

Beret mysterymelody ⋅ May 01, 2019

That doesn't make sense. The hospital should have asked and made a dog bite report. No one should undergo rabies shots if not needed. It can be painful and it requires more than one shot.

Kristi1971 Beret ⋅ May 01, 2019

Oh! Since Ghost bit someone, she should check with the vet. Even though he was immunized, he may need a booster. At least that's what they do/did in Maine when I lived there.

Kristi1971 May 01, 2019

You have very good instincts about dogs.

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