Parasite friend, clingy mom, asshole husband in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • April 28, 2019, 7:01 a.m.
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My husband Talan promised to take me to flea market but due to him spending the night with his friends Scott and Patch he was unavailable to attend due to tending to a hangover. He promise to take me dress shopping to replace the dresses to tear up from wear and tear. I was dying for affection and attention for him. I was really hoping a date. Marriage life means lots of let downs and loneliness.

When Talan made excuses i called Tella come yardsaling with me. I lost my wallet at the bank. Got a call from the bank to discover an honest Samaritan found the wallet and it was untouched. I wanted to cry with joy. Tella swore it was in the truck i got the call for the missing wallet midsearch.

I bought a large crock pot for $5 at a church yard sale. I bought Tella a chicken frittata with chips and a drink while we ate Talan offered to come to flea market. I thought he was in a good mood. I found out he came over to start fights with Tella and me. He said chiwawas and pomeranians are aggressive dogs more than pitbulls and they deserve a good kicking if they bark at him. Tella and him got in a huge argument.

He told me to shut up when i told him each person is entitled to their opinion but acting a fool wasnt advisable. He put his hand over my mouth to silence me so i lightly bit him. He felt guilty for the argument last night he gave me $40 to get gas for my truck and go to thrift store get a few dresses. He left here i am dying for attention from my husband all i get is Tella cussing me all day threatening to beat Talan’s ass.

Mom wanting me to hang out with her. Tella said she wants me to pay $50 for her to go get in to Causeacon a pop culture convention she wanted me to pay for her food a costume and her things she bought there. Here i am only working 5-10 hours a week but a bitch with no job expects me to fund her. Are you fucking kidding me? She informed me i can spend $40 Talan gave me to enertain her.

I delivered water at moms. Mom demanded attention Tella told mom i was taking her to Causeacon. Mom asked how does one pay for that when her husband doesnt have a job? Tella’s husband lost his job so she depending on other people to pay for her. I told her i cant afford to pay for her things i am going fishing.

Mom agreed to go fishing. Tella asked what about Causeacon. I told her i cant afford it. A man came by mom’s house for hour survey at house. Tella was paid for survey. Even though she ate at moms house and i fed her she demanded get food from gas station. I told her she was paid $30 feed her damn self. I was getting fed up with her parasitic ways.

When i tried to go fishing for hours i tried to get poles trying to find my deceased fathers tackle box mom argued it was in the garage for hours i looked for it. I told her last place i saw it was in dads closet. She argued i was wrong finally while mom was making Tella help her clean i went in closet found the tackle box. 8 pm at night mom wanted to go fishing wonder why Superior Steamcleaning had their gate closed. I growled annoyed i wasted entire day on both Tella and mom. One demanding money and Causeacon other demanding me to clean her damn house.. Shit mom if i want to clean a messy house i will stay home clean my own.

I just wanted to go fishing but Tella and mom have no fishing liscence so they wanted to go to Dougs pond because it’s private. Mom didnt want to pay $35 for fishing liscence. Tella told mom forget fishing liscence i want to go to Causeacon. I grew annoyed wanting to cry. I dont have money or patience for this shit.

Tella after eating at moms house swore she was so lightheaded she needs Gatorade even though she has water in car. I let her buy food and water with $30 from her survey she looked at me going on and on how she cant wait for me to pay to get into Causeason. Bitch is awful ambitious for someone who her and her husband doesnt have a damn job.

She demanded me buy her dresses earlier. I listen to her friend Betsy complain Tella is a user on the phone. God i can relate. Tella said she wasnt i got tired of her whining grabbed her phone told Betsy its fine she doesnt want to be Tellas friend have a nice day and muted her on facebook. Tella sat there astounded i told her dont fight block life to short for bullshit.

I just wanted to go fishing. I got cussed out by my husband, manipulated by Tella and mom. I dealt with their bullshit thinking tomorrow my phone will be off. I need an off day from everyone including my husband.

My husband Talan is pissed off because i write my work schedule on the calendar for him to see.. He cant see anything obviously because he said he taking my truck to Virginia Monday to be inspected even though i work same time. He demanding me to call in or find a ride. I find another lovely argument from another asshole. Talan said he going call in to my work Ollies for me he doesnt care if i am fired or not.. My job inconviences his plans. Even though it was scheduled for me to work 2 weeks in advance he cant read a damn calendar.

I am going to turn off my phone and go to church to get away from these petty dramas. I am so fed up! Why cant i have 1 person in my life who can get along?

Anaiss April 28, 2019

If your husband really believes it's okay to kick dogs, he is an awful human being. Don't ever forget, you will only be treated the way you allow people to treat you and they will only take advantage of you if you let them. It seems like your friends and family take advantage of your kind heart and generosity.

DreamsofJ April 28, 2019

I would call that girl a friend very loosely. She seems like shes always looking for a hand out. You don't need people in your life like that.

Also your husband is a dick.. kicking dogs because they bark at him.. he sounds like an abusive asshole.

Honey you deserve better..

mysterymelody DreamsofJ ⋅ April 28, 2019

He never kicked a dog he threatened to..he was just blabing

DreamsofJ mysterymelody ⋅ April 28, 2019

I still think you deserve better you sound so sweet and it sounds like these people walk all over you

Anaiss mysterymelody ⋅ April 28, 2019

Even having the thought of kicking a dog cross your mind and then saying it outloud - even if you would never do it - says something about the person. It's sad that you have such low self esteem that you are surrounded by people who just take advantage of you and don't treat you well. You deserve better but you have to expect it and demand it! You are worth it!

Lunchbox April 28, 2019

Your friend has a lot of nerve to constantly be demanding you buy her stuff and pay for stuff for her. That's so rude. You need to set some boundaries with her.

Pockets April 29, 2019

Is "no" not in your vocabulary?? Try it out on your "friend" and I use that term loosely. She's a user. Your husband is abusive. Why are you putting up with any of this nonsense???

mysterymelody Pockets ⋅ April 29, 2019

Depressed to tired honestly.

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