Zombie, motorcycle gang Christian offers job in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • April 25, 2019, 8:22 p.m.
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Today i have been reading Suddenly Frugal by Leah Ingram. I been trying to start saving more money. This book gives me good ideas I have been watching the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. After i finish watching that i plan to watch Black Summer, Breaking Bad. Believe it or not i have never seen the Walking Dead besides the first episode. Anyone know any good series on Netflix i can watch?

My friend Kuhn from my old job is in a motorcycle gang who happens to all go to church together. She is good in the morals department but cusses like a sailor, covered in tattoos. Tons of enertainment. She asked me to go to Dollar General to talk to her. Kuhn says after Josh the manager leaves to move to Florida she is hiring me back at Dollar General. She says i am a good dependable worker. I am delighted someone sees me as a good worker. Once Josh leaves and Kuhn takes his position i will get my job back.. I just need to wait till fall.

Kuhn criticized me for my tie dye pajamas with cats all over them. I often dress like a hippy. Kuhn dresses like a biker chick. I dont mind the criticism because i am happy as i am.. Not changing now!

I took Talan and my tax money and bought groceries. I been without money so long it felt weird to shop. I spent $85. I almost cried. I been for month depending on donations to get by now here i am for just a moment can afford groceries. I am so poor i cant afford to pay attention most days.. My 10 hours a week at Ollies hasn’t been doing it. I really appreciate my taxes paying for food! Funny some people buy cars and vacations with tax money. I cry grateful for food! Obviously i am going start putting out job applications.

Tonight i ate a salad with bacon bits pepperoni croutons cucumbers tomatos and ranch. It was so good. For dinner Talan and i shared a fruit tray. I felt like a won the lottery. I know it doesnt matter to other people but healthy food in my house is as rare as a unicorn! I love fruit and vegetables. Talan hates vegetables trying get him to eat healthy is a challenge.

I haven’t started dads memorial garden yet. Like mom still sad and unmotivated. I need to check on her dad died in December she still cries a lot. I cant fix it. I try to make her better but dont know how.

Talan has off tomorrow. I hope he will take me fishing maybe i can talk to depressive mom to coming along. She needs out of that house to live a little.

Deleted user April 25, 2019

Mmm ranch

Kristi1971 April 26, 2019

Oh, yummy salad!! When I was growing up, we were really money poor. We ate what we called "state cheese" and "state peanut butter". My mom grew a garden, so we could have vegetables and salads. We ate chicken with every meal, because it was the least expensive protein. We had ground beef in the summer when she would make it up into hamburger patties. Sometimes we would have it in spaghetti sauce, but mostly chicken. I never forgot where I came from, and I live with that every time I am paid from my job.

mysterymelody Kristi1971 ⋅ April 26, 2019

State cheese is so good. My dad when he was alive always bought it as a treat for the family

Kristi1971 April 26, 2019

Since you love it so, I hope you enjoy your fishing trip (if you get to go)! :)

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