Need better job, need stability in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • April 23, 2019, 5:08 a.m.
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I was awaken at 4 am by my husband. Him upset he cant find the clothes i suggested him putting out the night before. Talan upset because he didnt have clean socks because he throws them around the house instead a pile for me to wash. Every morning is like this i have to get him ready. He complains entire time i hand him all he needs.

My favorite part of the day is when he leaves so i can go back to bed. My clothes are laid out. I think i am going to take a shower so i can be extra prepared so i can sleep longer till work.

I have a load of clothes washing that i started after he took his shower. I didnt think i would need a shower too..oops. I bet that water is cold now.

I work 12-5. My only 5 hours this week. My payday will suck! After work i am going start doing job applications. I can’t wait on them to decide i need hours to survive. Lucky me that Talan barely makes enough for us to squeak by. Some days are harder than others.

I need stability in my life. My current job is not it. I want a nice piece of land i can grow food on. A house to call my own. I deserve it and with hard work years of dedication until then a nap is in order.

Deleted user April 23, 2019

He is doing a very poor job of it. But so are you.

the perfectly imperfect girl April 23, 2019

Hey! I understand what you are going through. I too am struggling to find a job and me and my boyfriend are broke. I hope you find a way soon. Good luck! Live strong!

Beret April 23, 2019

Instead of this very unpredictable retail environment you always seem to find jobs in, have you thought of something different? Like applying to office setting type of jobs?

Beret April 23, 2019

Also, you are not Talen's mother or personal maid. He should do his own laundry. That's the way it works in my house.

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