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  • April 19, 2019, 8:42 p.m.
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Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that entry search is now available to all PB users! You can find it waiting for you here and under the “My Prosebox” dropdown.

You’ll notice that there are two types of search. A text search that allows you to search your past entries for text and filter by book:
alt text

As well as a date search, which acts as an entry calendar:
alt text

I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

If you run into any issues, leave a comment.

More soon.

alt text
alt text

Last updated April 20, 2019

Cat Mommy April 20, 2019

Interesting. Not something I'd ever use but thanks on behalf of people who will. :)

Just Molly Cat Mommy ⋅ June 04, 2019

I'm a recent transplant from a diary site that will be shutting down. The calendar feature at the other site would come in handy when I needed to go and find something I wrote (like the toast for my sister's wedding in November 2006). I don't recall the name of the entry and her name appears tons of time in 3889 entries over 18 years so a name search wouldn't help. Having the ability to zero in on the calendar month prior to the wedding and the month she was married in helped me locate the entry. I'm glad to see that this site has a similar feature. You never know, you may find need of the feature at some point down the road.

Florentine April 20, 2019

Awesome! Thank you for the steady updates and for giving us a top notch experience! 👌

girl in recession April 20, 2019


Deleted user April 20, 2019

Very nice, I'm sure I'll be getting some use out of it in the future. And thanks for fixing the settings for this entry so we could actually view the full entry here 👍

Gangleri April 20, 2019


Mercurial Muse April 20, 2019

Thank you!!!

Luna Leanne 🌈 April 20, 2019

😊 gracias.

thesunnyabyss April 20, 2019

thank you !

SammyBrite April 20, 2019

Thank you!!!

TellTaleHeart April 20, 2019

Yesssssss! Thanks!

Naiad April 20, 2019


Truly Me April 20, 2019

Amazing! Thank you =)

GypsyWynd April 20, 2019

Thanks, Josh!
smooches to Mochi

Always Laughing April 20, 2019

Mochi is too cute. Great addition to the site, thanks.

Ginger Snap April 20, 2019

Fantastic, thank you!!

J🌞DI April 20, 2019

OMG, finally! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Now how about an option to not flood bookmarks if we create a private book, add tons of entries, then later decide to share? :)

Elle April 21, 2019

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this feature! Thank you!!

woman in the moon April 21, 2019

Thanks much. I use search on 750words and OpenDiary and I'm really happy to have it here too.

Camdengirl April 21, 2019

Oooooh - brilliant!

Deleted user April 21, 2019


Oswego April 21, 2019

A great addition to this exceptional site! Thank you!

Deleted user April 21, 2019

Thanks! Happy Easter to you and Mochi !

simple mind April 21, 2019

Nice work man!

Duke April 21, 2019


Silverstar46 April 22, 2019

Oh that's awesome, thank you!

Jeanine April 22, 2019


Firebabe April 22, 2019

Nice! You've made a lot of folks really happy. :D

Marg April 22, 2019

Oh my goodness this came into its own 2 seconds after I read it before I'd even got to the bottom of the entry! Just so happened I needed to search my diary for something today and thought I was going to have to laboriously go through possible guessed dates. Instead voila! There in seconds! Thank you so much :)

Justlovely April 24, 2019

Awesome! Thank you for this!

Mr. Mofo April 24, 2019

Mochi just wants to live La Vita Bella.

colojojo April 28, 2019

Yay this is great!! Thanks!!

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