Noko and the Invisibility Cloak in Everyday Ramblings

  • April 17, 2019, 3:59 p.m.
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The pear trees out back started blooming sometime yesterday. It is cloudy and there is a lot of glare here but you get the idea.

Re-entry was going okay, and still is going okay but there is this creepy icky feeling at and around work. Like noxious fumes seeping in under a sealed door or something. It is much better however not to have to sit with Motorcycle Man all day. Almost exclusively people in the office ignored me when I was in there. Our Admin asked me an appropriate work related question at one point. That was the highlight of my office days.

Mr. On the Spectrum did not acknowledge my existence for two days, or acknowledge that I had been away for a week. No one did. I forgot to put in my earrings yesterday so focused was I on rushing to get my hearing aids in correctly in the morning. No one noticed. This aging in a dysfunctional workplace is like wearing an invisibility cloak. I have some books due back at the library this weekend…I was wondering if I could just sit there and read.

Motorcycle Man does this thing that drives me crazy. You know how envelopes have the sticky if moistened stuff on the edge of the flap so you can seal them? You know how it is relatively easy for a person of average intelligence in an office environment to use a printer to generate a legible professional looking address on said envelope?

He handwrites the addresses in an almost illegible script that slopes and uses tape to seal the envelopes with invoice copies in them.

One thing, I suppose, he has going for him is that the mail would be memorable.

A good opportunity for me to practice detachment I guess and let go of the idea that his communication style is a reflection of our department. Even though it is. Bleh.

The church had a rogue sprinkler go off in the middle of the night up on the third floor of the new building where I used to teach. There is quite a bit of water damage to the whole building. We have insurance but in the meantime all sorts of events are being moved around to accommodate the unavailable rooms.

My contact says my class should be fine where and when it is but I don’t trust her. I hope she is right. Much as the room has drawbacks we have gotten used to it by now, horrible lighting and all.

Carlo was completely well this morning and Diego is mostly there so I treated them for fleas, something I had been holding off on while they were sick… They were both scratching a bit when I got home from the beach and they had contract with two people who are around a lot of other animals while I was away so I thought it was time.

I hope that we are finally through this virus. It has been a long anxious haul. I am still not sure what to do about all the food I bought that I haven’t used in the last month. I suppose I could reintroduce some a little at a time and hope for the best.

It is kind of crazy with a possible impending layoff to splurge and take some additional teacher training but there is this beautiful course available with a certification that I can take online with this meditation relaxation protocol that comes from traditional yoga but has been updated for the modern world called iRest. Once through the 30-hour course I will be able to advertise as a teacher in this method and my students tell me that the last 15 minutes of class where we do a modified version of this is their favorite part of the class.

The good news is that it will take my mind off the other stuff, the icky work stuff. I am pretty sure that I am going to file a formal complaint shortly. These people need to know that what they are doing, the decisions they are making are not okay. How they deal with that is their problem.

My biggest fear is that I will get laid off just when I need to apply for Medicare and I won’t have an Advantage supplemental plan in place because my plan has been to stay another year.

I sure hope I am just being paranoid. I’ll know in about 10 weeks.

Lyn April 17, 2019

May your work situation resolve in a good way.

Good to hear that the boys have nearly recovered. 😺

mcbee April 18, 2019

Finger crossed that anything happens in a time period that works for you.

Marg April 22, 2019

Oh for heaven's sake - no-one even noticed you'd been away for a week or asked how you enjoyed the break? That's just awful!

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