weekend over in My Life

  • April 14, 2019, 9:22 p.m.
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weekend over not the worst I have had he had friends overall weekend so was kind of nice. it is funny we have so many coyotes here and my stepdad freaks out when they start howling I mean it is kind of freaky but he runs and locks the door I mean runs and then goes around looking out the window the big bad stepdad is scared. plus what does locking the doors do like coyotes can turn the doorknob if the doors aren’t locked. I got in trouble for laughing at him I didn’t mean for him to see me laugh but he did so I’m in trouble again.
But on Saturday he asks me if I could have one more thing back what would it be. I told him the battery for my phone. He said really that is what you want the battery for your dam phone. Yes, sir, I have the phone. the PS4 is no good without the TV and the tv is no good without the PS4 I never watched TV when I had it. He wants me to beg for something but not sure what I’m a teenager I want my phone I can do everything on it. He gave me the battery. I’m sure he will take it again I will breathe wrong are something.

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