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  • April 8, 2019, 7:17 a.m.
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Today I actually decided to do something with my days off, and I jumped on a train to the Sunshine Coast - Maroochydore to be exact. There was a bus connection at Caboolture station which sucked but it was kinda cool because the bus stopped in at Australia Zoo. I can’t believe I still haven’t even been there and it’s been in my state my entire life. I was half-tempted to ditch the Sunny Coast and just get off the bus there.
Maroochydore is where my family always went on holidays each year when I was a kid, so to go back at the age of 35 was a little bit eye-opening. I realized that the previous time I must’ve been there felt like at least a decade ago. I remember it being the time I saw my older brother on the beach with some woman, whom wasn’t his wife or girlfriend at the time. I dunno, I can’t keep up. Crazy to think that his kid (my niece) has just popped out a kid of her own. Fuck getting old is scary!

Anyway, I had a pretty cruisy day. I was conscious of getting sunburned so I tried not to spend too much time in the sun, but I did walk on the beach for a little while. Man, even that is nothing like I remember. I remember it being all gorgeous yellow sand and very popular in the 90’s, but walking on that exact same beach felt VERY different. I even wondered if it was the same beach lol, but yeah definitely was. I guess it was low-tide and not a very good surf day (red flags were out along the beach where the red & yellows weren’t). I walked past the old holiday apartments we used to stay in. Out of curiosity, I checked out how much they were charging for a night, but they wanted $249 for an overnight and it’s certainly not even one of the flashy ones nearby that were cheaper than that, so I opted against staying the night, even though I was tempted to - you know - nostalgia and all that jazz. The old cafe on the corner where I used to buy lollies and milkshakes is no more - now an apartment complex spanning the block. The Sizzler is still there though, as were the holiday apartments, still looking run-down as they did all that time ago. Of course, a lot has changed and so much more has been built. Sunshine Plaza I remember wasn’t all that impressive, but now, holy hell, very cool. I also almost stayed to watch a movie but then saw they wanted $21 for a ticker and couldn’t justify paying it. Instead I wasted money on fast food lunch and dinner (ergh) but it was just easier. I’m now at home eating grapes to make up for it :P

So yeah, I came home, as you can see, but it wasn’t without a little bit of entertainment. I must’ve fallen asleep on the bus to the train station, so that trip was over with in no time, but at the station, it was probably about 8pm by that stage, and there was somewhat of an argument/fight happening or about to happen. There were probably about 10/12 people waiting for the train to arrive at Landsborough Station, and two of them were men having a tiff on the platform. I don’t even know what it was about, just like a ‘my dick is bigger than yours’ situation I think and each was egging the other on to throw a punch, but no-one did. But there was a lot of swearing - “Come on, ya fucking cunt, I dare ya!” and the other one would try and get the other one to do it in front of the security cameras. One bloke was in his 50’s and the other probably mid 30’s. Then some chick was on her phone to someone was kept screaming out, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll knock ya out!’ and the older guy was like, “Come on sweetheart, knock me out then!”
All very amusing. I was kinda seated out of the way at a safe distance, but I could see a few others were more nervous than I was. I was kinda just tired from spending all day walking and commuting I guess, and in my own little world, as per usual.
It wasn’t until I got on the train and was seated near two ladies, that the train guy kept coming up to one of the ladies to look at footage that she had filmed of what happened on the platform. I must’ve walked into it late, because they were saying that things got very esculated and the two men were trying to get other people on the platform involved. I didn’t see any of that part, thankfully. And there must’ve been a few others involved. I couldn’t see what she’d filmed (as I was seated in front of her) so could only go by what they were talking about.
Anyway, so apparently only a few of them got on the train, and others didn’t. The guy was saying the police were going to meet the train at Caboolture to talk to some of the guys in this woman’s video.
Then (and I didn’t see this happen) but from what the train guy said, one of the guys must’ve departed the train at Beerburrum and the other guy still on the train THREW his beer bottle at him and it full-on connected with him. LOL. Jesus Chris, Sunny Coast people go off!
Anyway, so then the train finally gets to Caboolture and the police come into my carriage to witness the clips this lady had filmed and got a statement from her. The other lady across from her kept chiming in with what she’d seen also. Meanwhile I’m sitting there quiet the entire time, as I do haha. Jesus. I was just glad they didn’t try any of that shit with me and left me alone.
See, if I’d stayed there overnight, I wouldn’t have seen any of this!
Anyway, it’s now 10:15pm and I’m back in my bed at home. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

TommyGnosis April 08, 2019

Golly G. I want to walk around my old neighbourhood but I also don't want to get shanked. You're such a lone wolf. Let's find you a husband

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ April 08, 2019

Ha! Well, if I get shanked, I get shanked. At least I prob won't get shot cos we have great gun laws :)

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ April 08, 2019

which is why here in Canada we get shanked and not shot also lol we're thriving

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ April 08, 2019

But Canadians are renowned for being nice! Isn't it too cold there most of the time to handle metal objects? :P Like here, it's too hot to handle them ha

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ April 09, 2019

Ha! I live in the murder capital

whowhatwhere April 09, 2019

Isn’t the Australian zoo the one associated with Steve Erwin?!
If it is I think you need to go and soon! The videos I have seen of it make it look amazing...but they could all be lies...

KissOfLife! whowhatwhere ⋅ April 09, 2019

Yeah it is. Their photos are plastered all around it holding various animals haha.

kmh. April 11, 2019

Hahaha oh good old Aussie bogans, keeping the place lively!

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