Busy week in At the foot of the hill

  • April 3, 2019, 1:05 p.m.
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Bridge was canceled Monday because we were short a player. The rest of the week’s calendar shows something every day. Yesterday morning (Tuesday) I saw my dermatologist who gave me some medicine for the ugly rash I have been fighting since Bob was in the hospital in January. I was glad to get a diagnosis of eczema (I was afraid it was shingles) and a treatment plan. Late afternoon I went to the salon and got my hair cut short. It was driving me nuts.
Today we have a resident/super meeting mid-afternoon. We got a new superintendent awhile back and he is making a lot of changes as to how things run around here. We appreciate what he’s done so far and also the way he likes to keep us in the loop. And he brings wine to the meetings....
Tomorrow we will be entertained by an Alexander Hamilton portrayer. Such an interesting historical figure. He was the main author of the US constitution.
Friday is home opening day for our Colorado Rockies baseball team. Our little community will gather in our Event Center to enjoy the game on the new big TV and management will furnish hot dogs and other ball game goodies. It will be fun, even if Colorado doesn’t win… It could happen…~sigh~
To finish out the week, we will travel way across town to spend Saturday evening playing bridge with three other couples. We haven’t done that since January when they all came here. The February game was when Bob was still in rehab and the March one was canceled because of a big snow storm. We will enjoy getting together with these folks.
I hope that we will be able to spend some time with Mike and Jeri at some point. He was in Houston all last week on business with his “day job” and they leave the 13th for New Zealand to spend two weeks with their younger son who is studying at Christchurch this semester. He has a break from school so they will be in NZ one week and Australia one week. Mike was invited to perform his contest-winning song (second place, this time) for the Nashville Songwriters Association gathering, but because of their plans to go abroad, he had to decline. (I’ll be very glad when, and if, I ever get my peeps rounded up and back home. I tend to worry.)

crystal butterfly April 03, 2019

Thought that went thru my mind was if super provides enough wine everything he does will be wonderful. :^) But I am glad you like him.

MageB April 04, 2019

It really sounds as if you are planning some good times. You have everything well in hand it looks like.

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