...under the icy silence in ...a soft snow

  • Feb. 19, 2014, 2:04 a.m.
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I wait...my world is covered in snow...I wish for that warm feeling ...the kind that would make him melt...such a relaxing feeling~~~warm dreams and shared thoughts

I believe in the return...

I watch the garden day by day...only for quick moments because it's so cold, but as always I like to watch how it develops slowly ~ it is encouraging  photo F3A6A8E6-9DBF-443A-A888-ECC6AF7FF93F_zpswyclsutf.jpg  photo 404DF100-27DD-4072-AE2A-E570D933FA23_zpsunuvwbf1.jpg

((watching as flowers come to life again and begin to grow)))  photo 447AEA45-1B63-4C5F-8373-52FBF1A9B128_zpsg8ggg1q1.jpg

 photo 782956A3-F2C3-4266-A6F3-82C804EC82A4_zpspdxwlneo.jpg

 photo 6F8818B7-4F0E-4C98-A71A-26D79C046D7D_zpscr1c6mkl.jpgI

A warm smile inside when I see the iris start to grow ....always remembering


...a line from one of my meditations (the guided type since I haven't trained my mind to be quiet just yet ~ but I'm learning :) "Just let the universe do it's work and trust that it will" ~~~ ((eyes closed...waiting for a dream...))

Deleted user February 19, 2014

aah yes, Spring will be here none too soon. I'm looking forward to soft GREEN GRASS beneath my feet. And bright sunny WARM mornings. Almost like coming out of hibernation. Nice pictures. ; )

SweetestRomance~~~ Deleted user ⋅ February 20, 2014

~~~thanks ...I like your kitkat profile photo I remember from OD - profile photos here seem strange - it made my mermaid look like a little shrimp in a fish bowl lol.(or a sea monkey- lol remember those ?..so I chose my garden squirel instead

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