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I went to the Womans Expo with my friend Tella we had a lot of fun. We walked around collecting some freebies they gave away such as cups, pencils, candy, etc. We signed up for several contests. There was a bounce castle for adults Tella was delighted that they let us on. There was 2 spinning arms. One you must jump over the other you must duck under. Tella and i struggled to balance on this inflatable. She tried to jump over the arm to start spinning on circles on top on it. I couldnt jump her and the arm so i was running from it. Everyone was laughing at us. When Tella after this event got excited found something else for us to try.

She found free yoga at The Lost Paddle Bar and Grill every woman in there was statuesque and Barbie like. With me being size 16 in pants 200 pounds and my best friend Tella size 26 wide close to 400 pounds. She associate more with the model Tess Holliday than Barbie! Tella walked in frozed whispered to me omg they need a sandwich. I busted out laughing accidently interrupting yoga.

The yoga instructor was very kind. Everyone in that room were incredibly beautiful Tella and i were the ugly ducklings. We strained muscles we didnt know that even existed. We fell several times the Barbies laughed at us. The yoga instructor silenced them and helped us. She made us feel included instead the fat chicks in the group. She taught us the poses and helped us modify the workouts based off our weaknesses. Tella in the middle of downward dog fell hard. Shortly after i landed on my head! We heard laughter again. Tella felt uncomfortable thinking of leaving. I told her we are here to get healthy not to worry about the opinions of the perfects.. Keep going! It was a great session we left tired. I asked Tella if she wants to come next time she stalled.

After running Tella around a while eating from Mcdonalds shortly before exercising i threw up.. My meal before yoga apparently made a rude appearance. Lucky free a toothbrush was in my womans expo bad.. I have acid reflux and an ulcer. Yoga made me flip upside down my stomach didnt approve.

I came home to an angry husband. He told me i shouldnt got the free stuff from womans expo. He screamed at me becausr my mom complained to his mom.. After that i went to bed.

I woke up this morning Talan saying his friend Leslie from work asked him to go fishing. He caught 6 fish i caught 2. He is bringing them home to gut and cook. He is so proud of himself said tv show meateater taught him how to prepare them. Leslie and Cameron taught us tip and ticks that made our fishing trip sucessful. We gave our powerbait to some nice people we asked to borrow their pliers. They looked so excited when they caught a fish. I am glad we could help them.

During fishing i got bored told my husband i wish i could run a mile with my zombie run app but i had no headphones. He pulled out his headphone told me to have fun. I jogged around all these huge friendly dogs not a single problem. They were mostly friendly dogs ran up to say hello. I went to walk around a woman her minerature poodle tried to bite me and grabbed me fold in my exercise bottoms trying to rip them off of me. When the dog nawed down i stepped back so he couldnt grab skin moment he released i kept running. I manage him not to puncture skin. It was a miracle! He lunged at me his owner pulled him back. I was in shock. I kept running. I thought i was supposed to be running from imaginary zombies but that dog reminded me what life is about!

I come back to my husband told him
about the tiny dog trying to bite me. I also told him about the two dogs owners that were afraid but both puppies ran up started playing automatically. It was a mastiff puppy and a german shepherd. The mastiff and puppy licked my continued to roll around as owners begs their dogs not to roll in the lake playing. This proves the way a dog is raised directly results in their behavior.

After we brought the fish home. I got a call both Tella and i won a makeover tomorrow at Ladies Expo.. I need to find 2 friends it is exciting.

I got to get off of here my husband is going teach my to skin fish. A skill i never desired to learn. The things i do for love.

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Kristi1971 March 10, 2019

Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you had fun. :) I love your attitude about the yoga! :) You go, Girl!

Not So Mighty Porg March 10, 2019

Just watch out with the makeover. Mary Kay is really good about telling people they won free makeovers and bring friends and it turns into a sales or recruiting pitch.

mysterymelody Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ March 11, 2019

Thanks for the warning

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