Frustrated in Work/School issues/accopmlishments

  • Feb. 17, 2014, 1:21 p.m.
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I know how much I struggle in pretty much every class I take. Granted some of the struggle is based solely on the volume of content that I need to keep up with. However when I struggle with the content itself... that is a whole different kind of stress. I worry about this chemistry class. I feel like crying again right now. I let myself start sliding in the work because I had other things I felt like doing instead. So perhaps it comes down to "volume of content" issue here. But the reality is that this stuff really is like learning a whole new alphabet to me. It is layered and complex and not for the faint of brain lol. I do however feel like if I can pass this class, I can do anything. Which admittedly, is a challenge I do need more of in my life to help make me a better person. I guess it is true that the harder you have to work for thing things you have in life, the more you will appreciate them.
With that said... back to work I go.

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