Survey - 50 Little Things (stolen from Tempestuous1) in Survey Says.. Nonsense!

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  1. How many pets do you own? I am the proud servant to two amazing dogs – Sam and Dean. They have been with me since my first surgery back in 2008. Had to put our 17 year old dog Sylvia to sleep shortly before my surgery. Was the first time we didn’t have a dog and post-op I was home when a burglar broke in. Cops and local TV news came out.. anyway, we adopted Sam and Dean shortly thereafter. The only time I’ve ever had someone break in was that brief period when we had no dog(s). Caroline brought with her the amazing Twizzler aka Twizz. I call him Fuzzy Bear as he’s rather, well, fuzzy. And he’s also Third Dog as he likes to go on walks with me, Sam, and Dean and is very much a dog in disposition. Phenomenal cat. He also likes to rest on various trash cans. He’s Trash Panda. I also take care of an old roommate’s two cats Dr. Bombay and Pudding Cup.

  2. What’s your least favorite season? Summer, because in the swamp you walk outside and you’re literally wading through a blanket of humidity that is hugging you against your will. It’s quite unpleasant. Briefly when I lived in Texas after Katrina it was super hot, but you find shade? The temperature drops precipitously. Not in New Orleans..

  3. Do you prefer to text or call? Call. Hearing the other person’s voice allows for better communication and I’m pretty awesome at carrying conversations.

  4. Morning or night? Night owl. Hootie hoo! Okay, that sounded dumb as hell. I’m basically a vampire. Much better.

  5. Do you like tacos? You have to maintain a certain amount of hatred of happiness to not like tacos.. what do you do on Tuesdays?

  6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I’m an extrovert, or so I’ve been told.. ;) I do tend to collect introverts, though!

  7. What’s your favorite dessert? Well, this needs to be more specific doesn’t it? Like are we discussing pastries? Ice creams? Cakes? Brownies? .. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth anymore, but if I had to pick one thing I suppose it would be a really, really good praline or beignets fresh from Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter..

  8. Do you enjoy walks? I do! Since having my leg cut on in October I miss walking my boys tremendously. I’m only just now getting back to doing so, though it’s painful as hell. So worth it. Exercise and nature really are the best medicines. I know, I’ve become one of those people..

  9. Are you a frequent user of Facebook? Sometimes. I quit for a very long time. Then I realized some of my more adulting friends only have time for it and I kinda miss their lives so..

  10. Do you watch animated shows still? I’ve been forced to watch Big Mouth a few times. That hairy penis from the hormone monster, whoa.. yeah, you read that right.

  11. Can you roll your tongue? I can roll my r’s.. ha, probably? It’s a talent I have underdeveloped. Guess you’ll have to find out.

  12. What’s your “lucky” number? 13, obviously. Not because this is the 12th question. Birthday – June 13th. :)

  13. Are you scared of anything? Wanna see a former fat man qualify for the Olympics in sprinting? Yeah.. snakes. No thanks. Not a fan of heights, either. I’ve been known to shriek. I’m man enough to admit it. :P

  14. Big mac or big whopper? Whopper, I guess? They both used to be so delicious when I was a kid. Now? I feel horrid after eating either. Less so with the Whopper. Remember when flame broiled used to be awesome? And that Big Mac’s patties of beef were actually thicker than a small install CD?

  15. Do you like to play board games? Yeppers peppers. My friends own hundreds of board games. I’ll beat your ass at Trivial Pursuit though. I just do sports questions and usually win. :)

  16. Are you fond of romantic novels? I accidentally wrote a trashy romance novel. I’m also not a fan. Both true stories.

  17. Fruit Loops or Cocopops? Isn’t it Coco Puffs? Who knows. I mean, give me the artificial rainbow circles! The milk after they sit in it tastes so good! Odd fact – I think sugar or sweetener added to milk is disgusting. However, cereal soaked milk is delicious. Hypocritical or oddly logical?

  18. Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars? Yes, Joe Rogan, I would. I’d do it to survive if I was starving, as would most of us so.. (and you think you wouldn’t, but survival instincts are intense and how many of us have ever been put in a do this or die scenario?)

  19. Are you a heavy drinker? I quit drinking alcohol in September 2016. But I will fuck up some Crystal Light. Ya heard?

  20. Would you forgive someone for cheating? I absolutely forgive. I also never forget. It has always been a dealbreaker for me, and I’m not sure that will ever change. I have always said that if you betray my trust we’re done. Friends, romance, whatever.. if I can’t trust you, I don’t have a place for you.

  21. Are you superstitious? I mean, the Saints only win when I wear my new shirt is a well-reasoned thought process. Superstition is silly, am I right?

  22. Have you seen A Clockwork Orange? I tried to recently. I fell asleep midway almost as if it were clockwork..

  23. Do you like to read? I’m on a diary site, so..

  24. Are you easily distressed? Nope. Speaking of Cafe du Monde my brother, mother and I went at like 3am for beignets in like 2001? Ran into my younger brother’s old high school friends there and one of them came and hung with us for a bit. He hadn’t seen them in years. My mother used to give him rides and worked with him volunteer in their school library. So I guess he’d heard of me because he goes, “You’re the cucumber!” I know, rarely is one recognized as famous with that line, right? Jealous, I can tell.. anyway, my puzzled look urged him to explain as my mother laughed. “Your mom always said you were unflappable. No matter what would happen you were as cool as a cucumber. Things rolled off you like water off a ducks back.” I looked at my mom and asked her if she only spoke to people in overused cliches. I mean, really.

  25. Do you believe in aliens? Yes. And I don’t believe a wall is going to help anything. It’s a joke, people.

  26. If you were the last person alive besides one other person you get to choose, who would it be? I mean, I’d say Jennifer Lawrence but she gets mad about situations like that. Chris Pratt found that out in Passengers. (Horrible movie, by the way, despite those fantastic actors..) so I’ll go with Scarlett Johansson. I’ll roll those dice any day.. and I’ll let you decide if I meant that seriously or not.

  27. Dogs or cats? DOGS. Loyalty. Empathy. Security… look I love all animals, but it’s not a contest. Cause if it was dogs would win it. Ha.

  28. Are you a grumpy person? Only when my team loses. Otherwise I’m a damn treasure.

  29. What’s something you hate? The Los Angeles Rams, I mean did you see that bullshit? Those referees. Roger Goodell. Anthony Davis? You spent 7 years making yourself so loveable and you’ve shredded that in such short order it’s stunning. . Alabama? The Atlanta Falcons? I could go on..

  30. Are you a worry wart? I’ve been known to evaluate things extensively.

  31. Do you like having your picture taken? Absolutely. I stopped charging for it a while ago, in fact.

  32. Do you like cotton candy? Eating it is sort of enjoyable, but the sticky finger residue thing is right up there with overflowing honey.. you reconsider all of your poor life’s choices instantly.

  33. Would you ever use a dating site? I have tried it, and girls when they tell you they don’t want to have sex with you right away sometimes are lying. Who knew? I’ve met more relationships on OD/PB than I have on dating sites. And given my track record maybe that’s a bad thing lol..

  34. Do you believe in ghosts? I live in New Orleans. And I believe in Nicholas Cage. So yes.

  35. Rap or pop? Pop is a music styling NOT a term referencing soda or soft drinks!

  36. What’s the weirdest flavor of ice cream you’ve tried? Avocado bacon? Or something to that effect. Creole Creamery has some really good ice creams if you ever visit NOLA. It’s been featured on Food Network along with half of my city’s venues it seems.

  37. Do you like math? Haha, do you like being punched in the groin?

  38. Are you the type of person to laugh at others misfortune? Hell yes. We all do. I’m just man enough to admit it, then actually do it, and make comments that highlight the suffering in new ways that enhance the humor of the situation. I’ve got a dark sense of humor sometimes. Nothing should be off limits with comedy..

  39. Love or lust? Ugh, I’m a romantic. Fuck. Except with tender feelings and I’ll hold you after.

  40. Do you remember lyrics easily? I don’t even remember my own poetry or writing. And some of those have been made into songs.. so.. I mean for some songs yeah I do. But I gotta listen to it a lot. Usually.

  41. What was/is your favorite school subject? Psychology/History I want to study all of your flaws that make up your person and then the past failures of us as a people. What isn’t fun about that?!

  42. Do you like tattoos? Haha, it depends entirely what it is of and where it is placed.. some spots on a lady should not have ink there, in my opinion. And that’s all it is, go inkblot your body to your own content, that’s your right. I reserve the right to find it preposterous and mock it if done poorly. I’m kidding. Kinda.

  43. Are you the type of person to lie? Hell no. I got that good Catholic guilt upbringing. I’ll be honest even to my own detriment.

  44. Do you eat porridge for breakfast? Isn’t that like storybook oatmeal? Kinda surprised just now thinking about it that Disney hasn’t branded it and tried to put Quaker out of business..

  45. What music are you listening to right now? ESPN. I know, it explains a lot doesn’t it?

  46. Are you allergic to anything? Yes. Sulfa drugs literally. Selfish fucknuggets figuratively.

  47. Do you like Lady Gaga? I mean, as much as one can appreciate her talent while finding her name stupid beyond words.

  48. What about Nick Minaj? That part about talent with Gaga? That would be nada with Minaj..

  49. Do you like rainy days? Absolutely. I love the rain. I love the water. I live in New Orleans. On one side of the city is the Mississippi River. The other side is Lake Pontchartrain. And we get more rainfall each year than Seattle, Washington does. So yes, I love the rainy days. It’s rained 4 times this past week. And I just got squeak-free new wipers. Oh, the heavenly bells that ring when there is no sound but the rain..

  50. Last question, do you like pie? Just about every kind. I’ll let that marinate in your imagination.

Hope you enjoyed the survey. You’re welcome for the laughs. If you enjoy poetry and the baring of one’s soul through creative words juxtaposed then head an entry back and read/comment/adore my work. If not, well, I can’t say I blame you. Not everyone can be an artist and have appreciation for it.. okay, I’m kidding. Have a good one you crazy kids.

Now, go make someone’s day. Especially your own.

May you always find your smile.

Redhead Puddleduck February 26, 2019 (edited February 26, 2019)


Hey a fellow 13er! My dad, both my brothers and I were born on the 13th of a different month. 13 is our lucky number. It's also tattooed on my foot :D also how dare you! Porridge is the breakfast of champions, especially us Scottish ones lol!

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

You guys all share the same bday and month or different months for each?

Aren't Friday the 13th the best birthdays? Days in general?

Ha, inked your foot? That's new. Any others?

You. .eat. .porridge?


Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

13ths of a different month. My dad was the only one born on a Friday 13th.
Yeah, on my Achilles - fucker was nippy! Lol.
Yes I eat porridge. With honey and cinnamon nom nom. Plus you can soak the oats in whisky and serve with raspberries and thick cream, drizzle with honey and you have a dessert - crannachan - my favourite.

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

I sadly was not born on a Friday. Props to your dad, though, that's an accomplishment from day one.. literally.

Your achilles? Now I wanna see the tattoo.

Whoa, you spelled it favourite. Clearly you are not American. winks

I mean, that sounds good, I suppose. You add whiskey to porridge? And I thought New Orleanians had a drinking problem. teases

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

I am not an American! Thank goodness! joking I'm a bonnie highland lassie lol from Scotland. Therefore colour, favourite and sympathise are all spelt CORRECTLY hahaha! :D i also splash my entries with words like wee, and hoolie, and wheest!

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

Your attractiveness just soared in my book by a factor of ten easily. I'm used to Canadians and the occasional Brit or Austin spelling that way. . But a true highland lass? And a redhead to boot?


Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

Aww shucks I'm flattered.
Haha I'm technically an island lassie but it still counts as the highlands!

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

Care to educate this rude American as to the technical differences? Obviously it would suggest you're not from the highlands but from a small island off the coast? Isn't the island actually Ireland? Kidding..

Well, don't get too flattered.. yet. ;)

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

Haha. You are correct in that I'm off the west coast of the highlands. However our wee island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. You have heard if the song Over the sea to Skye? That's my island :)

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

That's your island, huh? Am I conversing with royalty? ;)

I'm going to be that guy right now and confess how much I adore Scotland, long to visit there (one of the few places I will make it to before I die), and enjoy the hell out of the movie and television series that is completely unrelated to anything historical. Braveheart is arguably my favorite film though I'm well aware of the horrible historical inaccuracies.

Over The Sea To Skye is the name of the song? I must find this song.. what's the bridge?

Dude. This is exciting.

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

Haha! No, unfortunately not royalty.
The song has been bigged up by the Outlander series as it's in the opening credits. Give that a listen, it's a nice version.
The bridge is just known as the Skye bridge, nothing fancy ;)
Its ok, I've met many of those guys/girls being in hospitality. So many come over from the states searching for their ancestral clan lands etc :)

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

What sort of career do you want? Continue in hospitality or?

I'll check out the song in the credits wait is that show based there? I've heard good things about it. .do you watch much television?

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

It's not set there but it's rather true to highland/island life. Plus in a huge period drama so it was a big love for me, AND it's so Scottish, though the Gaelic isn't wonderful lol. I did watch quite a bit if tv when I can. I read as much as I watch though, fiction and history :)

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

Ah, the Gaelic isn't wonderful in what way? Not authentic or? I love period pieces as well. What's your favorite novel series? Any fantasy/sci fi in there?

I love history and fiction. highfives.

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

Only if you know it, lol. I can't speak it (it was my dad's mother tongue) but I can understand it. Hmm favourite series.... loved ASOIAF. Loved the All Souls Trilogy. I adore Philippa Gregory's Wars of the Roses/Tudor series. There was a series Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel too.
Big into British history, kings and queens etc. Greek mythology. Egyptian history and mythology etc :)

Redhead Puddleduck LoveSuicide ⋅ February 26, 2019

Oh and career wise, I've no idea. It was never something i thought much of. I always thought I'd be a kinda housewife I guess, then just go back into hospitality when my children were old enough. I like the job, both front of house or behind the scenes housekeeping. I always wanted just to meet a guy, settle down, drive him wild ;) and look after his house and kids, while drawing and writing at my leisure :)

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

Well, damn, sign me up. I hope he's good looking enough for me.

Redhead Puddleduck February 26, 2019

I've been bad, and possibly found you on Facebook! :D

LoveSuicide Redhead Puddleduck ⋅ February 26, 2019

Promises, promises. .

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