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  • Feb. 11, 2019, 3:26 a.m.
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So THAT was pretty cool!

Mind you, getting there was the drama I predicted it to be. I managed to finish work, get home, shower and leave again straight away. So it would have been like 4pm. Then I had to wait about 20 minutes for a damn bus to show up rolls eyes, then went to South Brisbane station where I assumed the rail replacement buses would be leaving from, but nope, turns out they were leaving from the bus stop where I’d just gotten OFF the damn bus, so walked back there, then the first bus was full and the driver wasn’t letting anyone stand rolls eyes again so had to wait even longer for a second bus to come along and I ran up to that one when it arrived and hopped on. There were a few spare seats on that one so that was good. I was finally on my way. Ergh. The bus snaked it’s way around to Yerongpilly station, where trains were running from, caught that to Helensvale and the light rail to Broadbeach North from there. I wasn’t risking waiting again for the Nerang bus, since in the past I’ve always been waiting ages for it, and I was already cutting it thin with the timing. I was looking at the times on the G-link and realized that I would get to the venue 5 minutes after it had started. Ergh. So that was 7:35pm, after leaving the apartment in Brisbane at around 4pm.
Still, made it.

And it was awesome! Despite not being able to initially find my seat and even the usher not knowing, it turns out I was in a corner next to some guy. It was okay, I still had a great view.
It was being televised live around Australia and the world so that was pretty cool. I realized the camera was faced right toward me at a few points during the evening, but obviously the hosts were blocking me from being seen. I just watched the show on SBS Demand and I can see where I was sitting, but it was too dark to see it was me HA!

I know it’s stupid posting a pic of this but hey, I made it onto TV mum! :D
alt text

Also, my favourite song won the contest, so YAY! Pity I won’t be at Eurovision itself this year, since it’s in Israel and that seems a little bit too scary for me. Ironically, the rumour is that Madonna will be performing there, when she lives in Portugal most of the time and that’s where the Eurovision I attended last year was held! Dammit haha.

I probably got home around 1am and the housie wasn’t even home - probs at the boyfriend’s again. But I somehow made it to work the next day and even did an extra 2 hours to face, which is an easy job so yeah why not. I got home and pretty much passed out straight away, sleeping from like 4:30pm until I think about 6am this morning. Just so exhausted!

Weekend now, yay!

TommyGnosis February 13, 2019

Israel is actually pretty mod. You looked great on international TV btw.

kmh. February 14, 2019

Aww Matty, that's so cool you went!
Still waiting for the new apartment tour ;-)

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