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“A song you loved as a little kid.”

I can think of a few, such as Mambo No. 5, the Venga Bus, and the entirety of Aqua’s Aquarium album.

However, I’m going with this one, because I have a cute story.

So, when we were Young, my cousins and I spent most of our free time walking to our grandma’s house and spending the night there. We mostly went on wild adventures in the realms of make believe, but sometimes, we’d just play a video game.

Well, we got really into Twisted Metal Black. That song played on the credits. When we heard it for the first time, it captured our attention so completely that we decided to get the lyrics.

And by that, I mean via pencil and notebook.

We grabbed one of our well used drawing notebooks and beat the game again. I was oldest, so I was tasked with scribbling as many lyrics down and I could. The pencil could only write so fast, so we had to spend hours beating the game over and over and over again. Each time, I’d get a bit farther in the song.

When we finally got them all, we sat with the notebook between us, practicing singing the song to no music whatsoever. It probably sounded like a weird cult chant in there. The next morning, we excitedly ran to our grandma with the notebook to sing it for her. Honestly, I don’t even remember her reaction. Just the quaint happy “I love my grandbabies” “oh that was so good you guys” I’m sure.

But what I do remember is the hours of undivided dedication between two kids who had no access to the internet. I still feel the same feeling when I’m listening to the song, and let me tell you, I still know every. word. in. that. song.

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