Sentencing Satellite in Book Title.

  • Feb. 11, 2019, 8:54 a.m.
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You: I’ll deliver the mail.

Me: But ! What about the bears?

You: Fuck the bears.

Me: Huh ! You’d fuck a bear?

You: Ya ! I’d fuck a lion’s mother !

Me: You lying motherfucker ! You ought to be strapped to a bed and fed Ex-Lax for six weeks!

You: Shiiiiiiit !

Me: .....shit you’d die.

You: But ! Then who’ll deliver the mail?

Me: I’ll deliver the mail.

ad nauseum

You will be played by the puppet Lambchop and I’ll be PeeWee Herman. Nothing will change and in time we will find ourselves bored and unemployed.

ad infinitum

In cofidence, I confess the rumors are all true. I did kill Latin, and I keep a couple of trophies to remind me of the thrill. I’ll let you see a few more back at my place aka my 2000 Ford Taurus duplex living arrangement.

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