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  • Feb. 7, 2019, 1:33 a.m.
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“A song you have a hard time listening to these days, that you used to love.”

I’m unsure that I’ve ever stopped loving a song or been unable to listen to a song that I love due to trauma or emotion being paired with it. Hmm.

I can at least give you a song that I could tolerate at first and now… would rather slowly squish my head into a meat grinder than hear.

The stupid story: (prepare for teen cringe)

I had a boyfriend once that couldn’t take a hint. He had to leave for work in thirty minutes. We were chatting online (technically, on that cringefest of a website called IMVU.) It was me, him, and my mom … And he wanted to play “guess the song.”

He insisted I go first. I told him I was too anxious to do that and I’d need to not be put on the spot like that. He kept insisting. I couldn’t think of a song he’d know to save my life. My taste is extremely weird, after all. He kept pressing me, implying he didn’t have long to wait. Literally the only song I could think of was that g.d. song, and I didn’t know a damn word in it. So what did I type?

I typed “woooohooo..... YEEEEEEEHOO” and repeated it like clockwork.

Apparently… That was NOT enough lyrics for him to guess the song. He thought I was making fun of him and pretending to “text sing the melody of some song” in a mocking way. He pretty much implied I’d completely missed the point of the game, that I’d ruined his time before work, and said forget it, logging off.

So for starters, that song already annoyed the crap out of me (nothing against Gwen, it’s just that one song.) Then, it became the subject of a fiasco of a teenage panic attack of awkwardness and embarrassment.

Of courses, the radio at my current job plays it.

And yes, I want to huff the nearest spray paint until my brain is dead.

Teflon Superhero February 07, 2019

But the lyrics are so perfect for that situation! IF I COULD ESCAPE!! AND RECREATE A PLACE THAT'S MY OWN WOOOOOORLD!!

Don't worry, Gwen went through an awkward phase...this song isn't one of my favorites either...it's fun to meme though :)

Little Metal Weirdo Teflon Superhero ⋅ February 07, 2019

Fair enough! 😂

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