Tomorrow is the big day in Work/School issues/accopmlishments

  • Feb. 15, 2014, 2:49 a.m.
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We are having our first exam in chemistry tomorrow. I am nervous as hell. I think I am doing very well in this class but at the same time, I know how very wrong I can be. I think I have everything memorized that needs to be memorized but I feel like I'm going to choke when it comes to taking the test. I know I can write the formulas down above all the work... no problem. But to apply those formulas logically to the questions is quite another thing all together. Plus, remembering all the vocabulary... Idk. This test really means a lot to me. I have been trying very hard in this class. I was crying on the second day of class when he said that so much of this class is based on conversions (which require math). I have since memorized as much as possible what the required conversions are. I just think I will prob choke on the test. That would be almost funny if I do choke considering how many people in the class have been coming to me for help. It is also simply amazing to me that my lab partners seem to just stare at me while I do the conversion work in the lab. It's almost like they can't figure this stuff out but they see me doing it 3 steps ahead of them. That actually makes me feel very good. I rely on them pretty heavily to do the actual lab work. I am pretty nervous with that stuff. I haven't really had the confidence to do that. But now that I see them looking to me to do the conversions, I might just build up on that confidence in the actual lab. I have been feeling like the weak link in there but maybe I'm not afterall.
Tomorrows test is so important to me. I really want to see how this all plays out. God please help give me the clarity to be able to figure out what is being supplied and what is being asked. Please help give me the memory needed to figure out the conversions and formulas. Please give me the calmness to do it without making a lot of mistakes on stupid things. Please help give me the confidence I need to not panic. Through all of that God, please give me an A on this test. Amen!

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