Things to do this year in Walking with God, Courting, and Talking to Jay

  • Jan. 23, 2019, 4:45 a.m.
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Better late than never…

  1. Go on a trip out of state, on my own.
  2. Travel out of the country if I can afford it.
  3. Fix the drywall in my house.
  4. Take myself on a date.
  5. Go swimming.
  6. Go rock climbing.
  7. Invest.
  8. Read at least 6 more books of the Bible.
  9. Read at least one more classic novel.
  10. Finish at least 20 books.
  11. Give my son at least one major new experience.
  12. Try to go on a mission trip.
  13. Watch the Godfather.
  14. Get my hair done at a salon.
  15. Spend one day with my big brother.
  16. Try a new physically demanding hobby.
  17. Paint one room in the house.
  18. Make one prayer meeting.
  19. Join a small group at church.
  20. Go to a convention.
  21. Visit an art gallery.
  22. Practice violin.

Okay so that’s 2 things for each month remaining in the year. I should be able to do this right?

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