nostalgia ~~~ in ...a soft snow

  • Feb. 13, 2014, 9:18 p.m.
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on the waves...

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this is an experiment on the waves...a favorite of mine always - a pause and thoughts in the days of the passing

~~~ and now the thoughts of the day...a snow day without work, just sleeping and watching bizarre tv... I had a dream of my garden in the sky, the pleasure garden... covered in snow in winter - it had animals, ducks in a pond and also some groundhogs (which the dream dictionary app had no entries or meaning) but also a lion, regal and poised like the squirrel statue, it felt like a presence - maybe it was him or maybe an intense wish deep in my mind. Without words, he is always in thoughts, through each minute of each day, my soul holds on and reaches...and waits and believes.

I don't look...but someone echoed him to me, and at first I did not realize...he had the way with words ~ a uniqueness that caught we talked, I was helping him with a transaction at an embassy...I suggested he take metro, instead of driving and parking...and left it at those moments, I noticed that he looked so much like two...the one and his double...especially with the face, glasses and the hair, it registered subconsciously...his charm was just as endearing, I remembered his last name, but not the first....and time passed. A few days later he returned and the sight of him caught me subconsciously again...I was enchanted by his skin, the beautiful accent, the smile, the play again as he greeted me teasingly naming me by something he remembered of me.."the girl ......" .caught in the magic, I didn't remember our first meeting, until he mentioned the embassy a few days ago...and it clicked. We flirted briefly, and he mentioned things about me he appreciated which were not my looks, but my personality ~ how I would connect to him (again, so much like the one) we parted I told him I wanted to see him again....he said I would as he was walking away...I didn't realize all the connections until later, sometime in the night while wishing and missing, but then much he mirrored what was lost...

and this is just a lost thought on a lonely winter night...maybe another dream

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