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  • Jan. 11, 2019, 7:08 a.m.
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This is a new photograph of a particular camellia bush that I have photographed every year about this time for about 5 years. It is a harbinger of warmth and color and light in the wet deep dark of winter.

I am up early because Diego threw up a hairball right on top of me in bed at 3:42AM. I am glad he is such an accomplished groomer and has such thick soft fur but there is a trade off.

Already tired, I don’t think this is going to help with my day but really I just need to maintain my focus until about 1PM after I teach my noon class in the office. I will still have to work a few more hours but will be home and can be a little more relaxed about the level of my focus and Saint Joe (for the first time this week) does not have any cross training on the schedule today.

I reached out to the physician who ordered my MRI yesterday afternoon as I have not received any test results. If it were problematic news I am pretty sure I would have heard by now but still it would be nice to know.

The room situation, (not the situation room) at the church has been quite the challenge this week. I had remembered the big dark room in the old building they put us in as cavernous and cold. So when I got there Monday I was surprised at the fact that it was not as big as I thought. And only about two thirds of the floor is carpeted.

So there is a hard concrete slab, old linoleum and then an old carpet on most of the floor. It was not as cold as I remember it, my guess is that it was about 67 in there when I arrived but it felt cold to my older, thinner students. I had the sexton come in and turn the heat up full bore. You have to stand on a chair or a table to do this.

I had my students start class standing up and we did simple warming movements and after a bunch of that including some strength challenges that were a bit effortful and made everybody laugh, I brought them to the floor.

For rest at the end of class I have to step out of a heavy noisy door to turn the lights down. There is certainly a camping out, making do feeling about the whole thing that I intend to capitalize on.

The young woman that is acting as my coordinator is not a skilled communicator and appears not to have a sense of humor.

The sextons were frustrated by not being able to accommodate my wishes and arbitrarily set up a much smaller room upstairs for me for the Wednesday class. No carpet. Just concrete slab hard with glitter everywhere as it has been used as a classroom for little ones and crafts.

The coordinator told me I could get 15 people in there. Ha, Maybe 8, maybe.

It was a cold wet windy nasty night Wednesday and so I ended up having only one student and it was a joy. She felt sad it was only her that showed up; but I was thrilled. I truly enjoy working with people one on one. By the end we both had glitter all over our mats…and us.

She is a retired minister with adult children and grandchildren and she spends almost all of her time taking care of others so it is a privilege to focus on and take care of her.

She recommended another bigger room on the same corridor but when I asked the coordinator yesterday she said no, that the sextons didn’t have time to turn it for yoga so we are going back to the original cave like room. I am determined to make it homey and comfortable.

We can do this, we can! And eventually it will get warmer.

The good news is that three of my previous students have contacted me this week and want to come back to class. That makes me so happy. I hope it works out.

Frida seems to be doing okay, she will just be a bit less lively girl dog going forward but she seems pretty happy and is well cared for. I will see her Sunday as I am going over for a hike and lunch.

Oh and speaking of lunch I think each and everyone of us should take a government employee that is affected by the shutdown to lunch.

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woman in the moon January 11, 2019

Too bad about all the moving around for your class.
Nice to have one on one classes from time to time - with or without glitter.
I took a guided meditation/writing class as long as it went. We started with a lot of people and ended up just with me. I enjoyed it, and never understood why it didn't work. It was in college town where there should have been a lo of people interested and the person doing it was very good, imho. Life is funny, isn't it?

toddslife January 11, 2019

nice photo

Lyn January 11, 2019

That last paragraph is a great idea. My sister was furloughed from the IRS.

ODSago January 11, 2019

Does that flower bloom in the winter? So delicate. I love camellias -- none here yet. I had them in the former home. Just touching base with friends, and appreciate your classroom problems...hope the class grows and the room is transformed to meet needs. Hairballs. I'd forgotten that part of our cats' lives. Miss them, cats I mean.

noko ODSago ⋅ January 12, 2019

Yes, usually in early February but it has been a bit warmer than normal here this year. It is in a protected place.

Marg January 15, 2019

Beautiful flower!
You made the best of what you were given there but I suspect YOU are the main warming factor of that class :)

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