January 10th in Posso's Prompts

  • Jan. 11, 2019, 6:35 a.m.
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What’s the most random food or drink from your childhood that you miss now?

I don’t know if anyone had the absolute fetish of eating filled things like I did as a child but the one thing to this day I wish I could find and consume again is a cereal called Hidden Treasures. alt text

This shit was amazing. I could not get enough of it. Sure, the flavors were basic; orange, cherry and grape, and if you weren’t so lucky, the cereal piece would be hollow. I would come home from school and tear into it. I think in 1994 I ate it for multiple meals a day for the whole year. You had to eat it with milk cause it made it so much easier to avoid all the hollow cereal and find those filled pieces. It didn’t last long though and I was heartbroken. I remember in 1995 only eating strawberry pop tarts for the year for breakfast because I was so pissed off at breakfast cereal in general. Who fucks with a kid like that? Well. Clearly. It didn’t get any better growing up.

Some other things I remember from childhood that I missed (some came back for appearances)

Dunkaroos - I used to just eat the icing out of the container, fuck those cookies.
Surge - it just doesn’t taste the same now as it did when your parents would scream at you about the caffeine and how it’d stunt your growth
SqueezIts - The original juicebox for poor kids, my family couldn’t afford the rich Capri Suns
Shark Bites fruit snacks - I’d open every pack in the box for the white shark.
Fruitopia - I’d spend a hefty amount of allowance money in the Fruitopia vending machine outside of Antholz Gymnasium.
3D Doritos - not sure why those stand out, other than i wouldn’t cut the roof of my mouth on jagged Dorito pieces.

Megdyer January 11, 2019

Clear Pepsi
Clearly Canadian
Koala Yummies
Sprinklin’s yogurt

possozac Megdyer ⋅ January 12, 2019

The first two are readily available in stores again by the way...

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