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Dear Friend,

2019 goes by so fast ahhhhhhhhhhh

Am I even talking to you anymore, or am I talking to myself? I’m so excited for the new semester. Please be here for me. I sound like I have ADHD if you just read my writing. On the outside I’m quite put together, but inside my mind is chaotic.

I read some recipes today and chose spinach artichoke dip and chicken artichoke rice for my next food adventure. I want to be more adventurous, but I also don’t want to put in too much effort. Certain recipes I only make once and never again because they’re too much. And yet it is the remaking that perfect your craft. I’m so disappointed. I cannot cook for other people. I’m thinking when I have a significant other he’ll just have to learn to enjoy quick dishes with me, unless he is a better cook than I am.

I bought two artichoke heads, watched a video about how to make them, got discouraged. The last time I cooked beets wasn’t worth it either. It turned out fine, but I didn’t like the taste enough to justify all that work.

I wish I could make cooking a serious hobby, but I don’t have enough time, money, and people to devour my products.

Just rested in bed for like a whole hour. Time to get up. Put on some music to motivate me. Let roll to the kitchen. Let’s start with boiling a pot of water for the artichoke. DONE.
Now I cut up the artichokes’ stem and wash them. DONE. Except for the washing. Still waiting for the water to boil.
I put the frying pan on the stove to brown some ground beef. DONE.
The water boiled. Now I realized I need more water, and also to cut the artichokes in halves. I took them out of the water and put them in the fridge to cool. DONE.
Now I cut up the green turnips and wash them. DONE.
Now all of the artichokes are soaked in the boiling water. I set an alarm for 30 minutes. DONE.

I have to do this to get through my day. Am I depressed?

The turnips is in the Pan now, and overflowing. I think they’ll wilt. DONE.

The turnips wilted! They have a distinct fragant. This is my first time having turnips. The original recipe calls for salt pork but I didn’t want any processed meat, so I used ground beef. I seasoned with garlic salt.

For a significant other I want someone sweet and loving, unselfish. I want him to be hard working. I mean, he has to really care about making use of his life and the gifts he’s given. I hope we enjoy kissing and cuddling. I’d love to do that a lot. I’ll strive to deserve someone like that.

OK, now I’m making a bananas blue berries smoothie. DONE.

but I’m craving the warm, fatty, salty taste, so I serve myself a bowl of my beef and green turnips. Now I’m too full. I’m finshing up the smoothie to make another one, though.

How should I prioritize my life? I have these major areas to tend for: family, law, philosophy, faith, and beauty (let’s face it, I have good health right now so I take it for granted). Should I spend an hour for each per day? I should: say a rosary every day, write for 30 minutes every day, study for the LSAT 1 hour every day, run for 20 minutes and skip rope (200 jumps) every day. That’s a lot of time commitment. My mom thinks I should use olive oil on my skin too.

Make another smoothie. DONE.
I cleaned the counter top. Now wash the dishes. DONE. Had to use baking soda for the frying pan.

Now set up my desk to work. DONE.
Begin with writing down my daily tasks which I prefer to not fail at. DONE.

Now do them, one by one.

Rosary. DONE.
Now I’m on Blackboard downloading new materials for this coming semester. DONE. Like always, I’m excited at the beginning of the new semester. Let me prepare the first reading right now. DONE. Well this looks over-whelming.
Now it’s already 6 PM, so I’ll have to go change into workout clothes and do a 20 minutes run. DONE. Wow that made me feel gooood! I wasn’t running too hard, but good for a first day.

Now, spend 30 minutes actually revising my paper. DONE.

I was rewarding myself for way too long. Arrrrrrg! I’m procrastinating on all important things. What else can I do?

Now I am going to try to write this paper on causation and Aristotle. One hour for this task. DONE.

I’m so tired. I wish I only have to deal with one thing. Why do I have to deal with both? I don’t want to apply to Yale. Not right now, when my chances are so slim. I mean, not that my chances for Yale Law are ever thick enough to be visible, but I want to be serious about it. I feel like it’d be such a waste of my letter writers’ time when I apply and I’m not serious. I don’t have the gut to say this to my parents. What can I do? I really just want to focus on philosophy.

My day is officially over. Let me post this entry. I’m sorry this doesn’t make for a very interesting read.

I love you. You changed my life. I’ll never forget that.

Your fangirl.

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