JaVidMo 2019 Info and Prompts in JaVidMo 2019

  • Dec. 30, 2018, 7:57 a.m.
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Very basic and common sense.

Respect others’ videos. No hateful comments are to be left. You will be blocked and reported.

If you use a YouTube video, give credit where it’s due.


  1. A video about yourself.

  2. A video of how you feel about New Year’s resolutions.

  3. A video of a goal you hope to accomplish in six weeks.

  4. A video about one of your favorite memories.

  5. A video about opposites.

  6. A video about your favorite family food.

  7. A video of something you value.

  8. A video about your thoughts on religion/mythology/other belief systems.

  9. A video about your home.

  10. A video about a path not chosen.

  11. A video about the weirdest dream you’ve had.

  12. A video of a talent you have.

  13. A video about one of the following lives: photographer, doctor, translator, or teacher.

  14. A video about someone who inspires you.

  15. A video about your pet peeve.

  16. A video of your zodiac sign.

  17. A video to your PB friends.

  18. A video of a place you want to visit.

  19. A video of your place of peace.

  20. A video of your own short story.

  21. A video of a holiday that falls on your birthday.

  22. A video about the best year you’ve had so far.

  23. A video to those who are struggling.

  24. A video to a person who wronged you.

  25. A video about your first job.

  26. A video about the best dessert you’ve ever had.

  27. A video about your generation.

  28. A video about family traditions.

  29. A video about your education.

  30. A video about what you hope to accomplish in this year.

  31. A video of whatever you want.

Alena K Eightysix January 03, 2019

Thank you for sharing!
I had been looking for these! Did you come up with the prompts yourself?

Gilraent Alena K Eightysix ⋅ January 03, 2019

no.... but let me find the diary for you :) I'm glad someone else is doing this besides me lol Not sure how many will participate :)

Gilraent Alena K Eightysix ⋅ January 03, 2019


Hope to see you later!

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