Mind Explosion in Book Five: Working Through the Maze 2018

  • Dec. 21, 2018, 9:03 a.m.
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The Congress and Senate of the United States, voted for by individual states which translates into much closer representative government despite extreme gerrymandering, had agreed on a budget to keep the United States Government open. Trump, having only received 25% of eligible voters votes, threw a tantrum saying in essence I don’t give a shit about bi-partisan cooperation! I want things my way! Fucking. Infant.

Further, his “I hire the best people” has completely collapsed. He’s reached over 65% turnover. Now, General Mattis… who my conservative friends told me was going to be an excellent benchmark in IF Trump was trying to do the best for the United States… is resigning in protest. Because Trump refused to listen to ANY of his experts on a foreign policy matter. Because his experts SOUNDLY told Trump that pulling out of Syria the way he is would directly benefit Russia. Because his experts SOUNDLY told Trump that pulling out of Afghanistan the way he is would directly benefit the Taliban. The Adults that Trump hired wanted him to think about The Benefit of the Nation. Trump thinks in terms of The Benefit to Him. Helping Russia? Why not, he’s done it his whole presidency. Helping the Taliban? That’s strategic. If the Taliban makes a violent resurgence in the Middle East now he can blame it on the fact that the Democrats control the House and he “couldn’t do anything to stop it.” And because there are around 63 million (allegedly) who will believe everything this man says despite all evidence to the contrary, he might get away with it.

This isn’t about the investigations. Though… lets pull that out into the open for a minute.
Trumpists rabidly cry out that the criminal investigations into Trump are conspiracies hatched by the Democrats because they can’t handle losing. First, the Democrats have historically lost. While their base grows and their values encompass more people, politically the Democrats SUCK at this game. But more importantly… none of this should be surprising and none of it is conjured by Democrat Demons. Trump has been embroiled in Scandals since the mid 1990s. This is a man who got sued over Trump Steaks, Trump University, and has declared Bankruptcy enough times that it may as well be his signature move. He was such a well known CON MAN that it became super difficult to get American Funding for his interests in the 1990s. WHICH IS WHEN HE STARTED REACHING OUT TO RUSSIA. Again, this Russia Connection doesn’t START with Hillary’s loss. It starts with Trump needing financing and going to Russian Oligarchs looking to funnel money somewhere. Boom. Marriage made in potentially-criminal heaven. So unless your conspiracy involves Democrats building a working time machine after Hillary’s loss and going back in time intentionally bankrupting Trump and then forcing him to reach out to the Russians? This isn’t a democrat conspiracy. The fact that you weren’t AWARE of any of this just means you were so focused on Hillary’s scandals that you couldn’t see his.

Disclaimer: I’m sure people will want to/try to send me blasting comments on being a libtard douche etcetera. Know now that I was aware of Donald Trump’s myriad scandals, criminal enterprises, and alleged wrong doing and still almost voted for him. So I’m not some libtard cuck elitist saying I’m better than anyone else. Hillary and Donald were both scandal-ridden candidates that COULD HAVE been an impeachment target starting Day 1. I voted for Clinton, begrudgingly and self-hatingly, because my math worked out as follows
Hillary is only in it for herself, but has a history of keeping up appearances to stay in power.
Donald is only in it for himself, but has a history of letting everything burn down to sate his ego.
Of those two outcomes, I’d rather Hillary be in charge of the United States.
That is how I came to my decision. It was not policy based because both people were likely to “break traditional roles of Democrat/Republican” for their own interests.

But what halts me in my tracks… what honestly SCARES me… and what makes me, frankly, furious....
is that we have a President who refuses to listen to the will of the People so he can satisfy his Minority Base. We have a President who refuses to listen to the Experts He Hired so he can satisfy his own personal interests. We have a President who has continually lied about serious criminal matters including Treason and synergy with a hostile foreign power and his supporters don’t care. What concerns me most? We have Adult Citizens of the United States of America who, it seems, would rather watch the country burn… watch democracy die in the ashes of tantrums and grandstanding… then say an ill word against Donald Trump. How can this be our reality?

Trump rejected a bi-partisan bill to keep the government open because less than 37% of the voting public wants “tighter border security”. That isn’t a wall, per se, but Trump lacks nuance. He rejected a BI-PARTISAN BILL because he is demanding his wall, which every expert on every side of the aisle says will cost upwards of 25 billion dollars and be instantly thwarted by the deeper realities of Immigration abuse.
Trump refused to listen to all of his military experts because, despite spending exactly ZERO time in a combat zone, he thinks he knows better than they do.

Not even talking about the scandals, the investigations, the constant lying, or the criminal actions already proven… when is Trump’s shitty, questionable, infantile, ill-informed policy going to stir people to say “He’s doing a bad job!”

That’s my statement. I know many of Trump’s supporters think anything other than Fox and Friends or Breitbart isn’t real news but… if anyone is interested:
Article on GoFundMeWall Guy: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/founder-viral-fundraiser-trump-s-border-wall-has-fake-news-n950636?fbclid=IwAR0-Inec6uOMSnA6eCqFKaRrwF5JWnXim_fKTh25fCoC0nFYBEd3mLUssBc
Trump Vows “Long Government Shut Down” Over Wall: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46637638
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Resigns: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46640114
Trump’s Erratic Foreign Policy Course: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46645718
Government Shutdown Countdown: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/government-shutdown-december-2018/h_6ce51baec74f6937820e46d871e635b0
Trump Unleashed Mattis Exit Paves Way for Global Chaos: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/21/politics/james-mattis-donald-trump-world/index.html

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