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  • Dec. 6, 2018, 11:19 p.m.
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This is a shot from this time last year of one of the heritage trees we visited on our walk last weekend. It has been a bit of a challenge to get interesting pictures out and about right now as we turn fully into winter.

It has been so cold and Monday when I arrived at the studio it was warmer inside than outside but when I looked at the thermostat it was only 61°F in there. (16°C), By the time I ended the class it was 2 degrees warmer!

There was a space heater and we had blankets but still it was crazy and my students with their socks, and in some cases hats on, were troopers. To keep them warm I needed to work them a little harder than normal and boy did I hear about that! Luckily it was communicated with good-natured laughter.

I told them to tell family and friends they had been to cold yoga.

It was about 8 degrees warmer on Wednesday; some system failure in the 96-year-old building the studio is in. At least I had chairs so I could keep them off the floor more. The floor was really cold as there is a concrete slab under the wooden floor.

On a whim I ordered a new cat toy this week, it is this brightly colored synthetic feathery worm on a wand and Carlo, who is like 6 or 7, so not young, is just nuts about it. Both cats like it. Diego has been running around and jumping like a crazy cat. It is so great to see him so active.

Because I am letting my rather short hair grow out it has been more than a couple of months since I got my haircut. The last scheduled cut I had my hair person called to cancel because he was sick. He is great but the salon is painfully noisy and I have never felt comfortable there.

So I made an appointment somewhere else, a small salon in a downtown store and spa. I was pretty apprehensive about it because it was new and I didn’t know anyone that had been there.

But it is a product line (Aveda) I have been happy with in the past. The young woman was very sweet, and tiny and there was only one other hair person there who talked loudly over the blow drier and I thought oh no! but she modulated her voice as soon as she turned the blow dryer off and then soon after went away.

Anyway I had highlights done. They are great, gold toned, warm blonde. And her grow out cut was good too. So I am happy with the experience. I am going to go back and get a $5 dry trim on New Year’s Day.

My hair is a significantly different color, and the cut is different and I have been in the office for two days and no one I have spoken to has mentioned a thing.

Some days I wonder if I went in with a face tattoo would anyone say anything to me? Not that I would ever do that but the environment leads one to dark thoughts.

Nimrod is coming back. Not to our department but this is going to be interesting, starting Monday my former boss with anger management issues is going to become a customer of our services.

I have been doing pushups again everyday. It took a few weeks to feel like I was getting stronger but now I can really feel the difference.

Feeling a bit stronger is a mood booster.

The mountains have been visible the last three days with the cold brisk east winds. They are so beautiful. There is enough building going on here that practically every time I have seen them this week there has been a crane in front of them.

Next week things start getting a bit more social for the Christmas holiday and I am taking Tuesday off to get grounded in what all I have left to do.

But considering how tired I am I might just throw in the towel and play with the cats all day instead.

That actually sounds pretty nice…hmmm.

Last updated December 07, 2018

Lyn December 07, 2018

Have fun with the cats! 🐾😸🐈

Marg December 07, 2018

That's quite shocking that no-one commented on your changed appearance - way to make you feel invisible!

noko Marg ⋅ December 07, 2018

Invisible. Exactly. It is kind of creepy.

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