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If I had to write a love letter to a hero, one would not be enough. How come? This should be simple. Others might do this effortlessly. When people are asked to talk about their heroes, their answers vary. That’s for sure. Many would probably mention their parents. Others would say it’s their teachers.

Once in a while, you could say it’s one of your friends or more. A kid would mention their favourite superheroes, eventhough they’re clearly fiction. No, I’m not going to start with anti-heroes, although they seem to be quite a trend these days.

If you ask me to do this, I might run out of papers anytime soon. My hand will be super sore from writing love letters to many heroes.

The truth is, it’s hard to choose. I know that some people in our lives would either have more energy, time, willingness, capabilities – some or all of them – to do more for us.

Sometimes, they either can’t or won’t. Sometimes it’s us who should save ourselves and not take their rejection oh-so-personally. After all, they’re only human too, just like us. There are times when they’ve just had enough.

However, should the quantity – like how much or how often – be the factor here? How about random strangers we cross paths on the streets? We may never see them again, but what if that very rare moment – they do something heroic, no matter how small and whether the timing is right? Doesn’t that count for something? Shouldn’t that matter as well?

Don’t they deserve to be considered ‘heroes’ too?

If I have to write a love letter to a hero, it won’t be just one. They’re tons…and the job will never be finished. Because the truth is, we’ll always run into them everywhere.

Your everyday heroes are always around, especially if you (want to) look closer. Your inner circle, like family and friends, can definitely be heroes.

Random strangers can be your heroes too. It can be someone who calls out to you because you’ve dropped your wallet. A male passenger blocks that creep on the train, so the creep won’t grope your breasts just because he thinks he can. Maybe you’ll see them again, maybe not. Maybe you’ll end up being friends or more.

Maybe you’ll remain strangers, but who knows?

We also often forget that sometimes, we can be our own heroes. After all, we’re supposed to be the very first to love ourselves unconditionally.

So, who are your everyday heroes?


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