Pipe Dreams and Pumpkin Sized Squash in Everyday Ramblings

  • Nov. 3, 2018, 6:29 p.m.
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This is the main street a few days ago in the part of my neighborhood that was “redeveloped”. All the businesses and house were torn down, all the rich history of a diverse immigrant community torn down and bulldozed under for three apartment towers and a few businesses in nondescript concrete buildings.

I am not sure when the trees were planted but my guess is about 60 years ago. They arch beautifully over the mostly deserted street except for when office workers pass by to get lunch and the homeless and drug addicted who live along the freeway are out and about.

Things change.

I have a deep current hope that some things will change this coming week with our election.

Mrs. Sherlock is home and I walked with her and Frida this morning and she told me a story about an encounter she had with a couple in the cafeteria of the National Gallery in Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago. She said hello and asked how they were doing and where they were from.

They told her they were from Georgia. Mrs. Sherlock said they were well heeled; the woman was wearing diamonds. Then sort of out of the blue the woman said, “You know, we are Trump supporters.”

Mrs. Sherlock said, “Well I am sure we can find common ground.”

The wife asked what that would be and Mrs. Sherlock said “Well, health care and education”. And the woman replied pointing her finger at my friend, “Health care is fine and we don’t believe in educating immigrants. We are doing just fine the way things are.”

Then the woman paused and said, “I know where we can find common ground…God.”

Mrs. Sherlock who is not specifically Christian, but a Unitarian said (diplomatically I thought), “I believe in the message of the Sermon on the Mount, about helping others.” The woman said she was not referring to that.

They had finished eating and were gathering up their things at that point and when the woman stood up to leave she said, “God Bless You” in a tone that was very similar to the tone an individual might use to deliver a four letter expletive that we are all familiar with.

This encounter shook Mrs. Sherlock to the core and she came home determined to get more involved in public life and to volunteer with the League of Women Voters. She said it was the finger pointing that really put her over the edge.

We had a lively discussion about this while walking. I said I thought the couple must be suffering, that kind of divisiveness and anger expressed in public to a friendly stranger in our capital has to be taking it’s toll on them but she was not convinced.

We talked about the pervasive fear of loss of status that is driving what otherwise might be kind caring charitable people to behave like this.

When we were done talking about that we talked about beets and squash and pomegranates. She had made a dish with feta cheese and beautiful mild organic golden beets this week and I had received more traditional ones in my Imperfect box along with this gigantic acorn squash (the size of a small pumpkin) and a super sized pomegranate.

Today I executed the water method for seeding the pomegranate and cooked and cubed the squash, as well as roasting the beets and a second batch of carrots and making a big batch of quinoa.

There are many opportunities for healthful meal planning in the week ahead.

I have a feeling the temptation for stress eating is looming in my near future.

May I make reasoned thoughtful non-reactive choices in the next few days.

I guess I wish that for all of us here in the United States this week as well, pipe dream as I know it is.

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Lyn November 03, 2018

I admire Mrs. Sherlock.

I'm sure you will enjoy that delicious bounty.

May Tuesday bring us some change.

Marg November 05, 2018

It's a worrying time for you guys this week😕

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