A Warm Radiant Smile in Everyday Ramblings

  • Oct. 30, 2018, 5:51 p.m.
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This is the wet ground out front. After a dry and unusually gorgeous most of October we now have had almost (just a quarter inch shy) all of our average rainfall for the month. It has been coming in waves the last few days and there is an art to avoiding the most intense squalls.

So sticking with the shoe theme, I had a pair of Teva waterproof hiking shoes that I got a lot of wear in. They had support, they fit, I loved those shoes and most of the hiking I have been doing in the last few years has been in them but lately I noticed they weren’t giving me the support I really needed anymore.

I tried to find them again but Teva stopped making them. I brought them with me to the beach and that is what I was wearing when I got super saturated by the sneaker way. Instead of drying out over the next week, with the salt water they molded instead.

Rest in Peace beloved shoes. Yesterday I found the actual order I made when I bought them. It turns out I bought them on Amazon, not directly from Teva. I bought them over 4 years ago! Eek, first my hiking sandals and now these. Why don’t things we love last at least as long as we do???

That was a rhetorical question. I know why.

I am what they call shopping adverse. I know, first world enviable problem. Anyway the whole thing made me take a long hard look at the shoes in my closet yesterday. One pair is in good enough shape to go to a salvage house but I threw an additional two pairs away. The wear on them! Even with the two relatively new pairs of running shoes I decided to splurge and buy a similar model waterproof shoe from Teva yesterday.

I want to be ready and supported to get going for this next phase of my life, whatever it entails. With insoles or without.

Has anybody watched Bodyguard? It is a little on the dark side but I binge watched it over the last three days on Netflix. To say that it is a thriller is a bit of an understatement wouldn’t you say? I stayed up past my absurdly early bedtime last night to watch the last episode.

I thought the role of all the women in it was quite refreshing. Walking to class last night I walked by an ambulance near the sports field at Portland State and a woman police officer was taking a gown or something from the driver and she turned towards me with this warm radiant smile. And I thought wow, that is the kind of person I want protecting me!

There are so many wonderful people doing amazing things out there.

I need to not lose sight of that.

We all need to not lose sight of that.

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Lyn October 30, 2018

You are a shoe in for a good entry! Love those last 3 paragraphs.

Wet leaves are quite beautiful.

Marg November 02, 2018

BBC ran The Bodyguard over here lately and it was very popular - I haven't seen it yet but it's next on my list. They followed it up with an equally good thriller Killing Eve which I'm trying desperately not to bingewatch and failing! Can recommend it though if it appears at your end.

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