This month will suck. Edited with MOAR HITS in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Oct. 23, 2018, 10:56 p.m.
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I am just a big ball of anxiety over this opt out. I dont think there will be an issue, But a month is still far, and i’m running on crumbs in many different ways. I’m probably gonna miss my cable bill, and that is gonna hurt. I think ill be fine if i miss a month but, ugh. ANXIETY. I dont know if i can do this, and if the person opts out, the guy is looking at backups just in case but i’m just, I dont know. Lost. I will be until then.

I feel like such a potato whining about this.

The hits keep on coming.

We need to move a bunch of furniture out of there, and we were gonna hire movers after we get everything settled, and well, After the sale the stuff in there goes to the new owner.. which means.. there is a chance we cant get the stuff.

So, now gonna have to move it on our own because oh look no money to hire movers at the moment, and I dont want to ask anyone to help because A: Moving other people suck and B: I never helped anyone else because I haven’t helped anyone cause I dont like moving cause I am a weakling and cannot do much, and Id feel like a gigantic hypocrite. So its gonna be me and my tiny car to help move. Yay.

Its not much big stuff, a couch, a bed, a few tables. Everything would be moved in one swoop. Oh geez. MORE ANXIETY AND PANIC.

This is fine.

Last updated October 24, 2018

ElvenAssassin October 24, 2018


Catleesi October 24, 2018

You'll get through this, it sucks but you can do it.

^..^Kat October 24, 2018

It'll go by a lot faster than you expect. Keep positive thoughts flowing.

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights October 24, 2018

You can rent a Uhaul. That will make things so much easier and you don’t need a special license.

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