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  • Oct. 11, 2018, 4:48 a.m.
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hi still here. so a lot [well maybe not ‘a lot’] but quite a few things have happened since i last wrote er blogged.

um i’m. i’m doing ok no i really am. if i wasn’t i’d say i was doing alrite. there’s a difference. yeah so. to update everyone although those of you have my fb you already know this. my um. well valerie quit. without. telling me. yeah id i didn’t like that plan. it’s, becoming less new.

the 13th of last month i found out that my late best friend’s uncle died. from a str*ke. he was such a nice guy both the uncle and the friend. [btw friend Pat passed back in march 2013 march 13.]. the uncle being Bob. < so...........Pat’s uncle Bob. or Bob, as i’ve referred to him in this blog.

and another friend of mine Jen. from this bar i used to go to is. having a difficult time. i won’t post details for confidentiality reasons. [for those of you well but the morning i found out it was 1 a.m. i prayed for her. and i’m not a particularly religious person but i respect others’ religions. as it’s been put. [i was also drunk at the time. so that leads to me being more emotional.]. but looking back. some part of me realised it wasn’t somethign i could handle myself. also that day. i hit her up and was ‘wow o. omygod i. how can i help?’. in a week or so i’ll again hit her up. i prayed to as i call it The Universe and/or Pat. so. for anyone reading. although you don’t know her [well far as i know.]. please keep her in your thoughts. thank you. < ok so Jen. was/is in. abusive relationship. this was about 2 wks. ago i found out. so recently. i hit her up on fb this was like um. this was yesterday i think or tues.? yeah but i posted on her wall and was ‘please let me know you’re ok. i won’t pry. but i’m worried about you’ and i gave her my number and said i don’t have texting. so i hope she gets at me..........or. either by phoning or on fb. cause omygod. i’m not the type. to tell someone what to do, about a situation. also they already know so. [i’ll stop before i go off on anyone here.].

oh. i’ve recently. talked to a few of the LGBTQ petition types and though no i haven’t signed up for anything i think what they’re doing is really. great. and they’ve told me they appreciate that. which is v. ooc [out of character] for me as i’m quite shy. but i know what that’s like. to feel. not good about oneself due to one’s sexuality. < this was over the summer actually.

um..........i’m mostly recovered from the fillings i’ve had. well the last one was the 20th. of last........month.
my TBI. well i’ve had a few setbacks recently.
evan & i haven’t talked since. well when i ran into him in dec. which actually i’m ok w/. really.
there’s probably more. but well. i’m tired. [no i’m just drunk. as usual.].

yeah but mostly. mainly. i’m ok i’m doin ok. should probably edit this.........

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